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Contact (Route)

Tourismusverband Ostbayern e.V.
Luitpoldstrasse 20
D-93047 Regensburg
Telefon 0800 1212111 (kostenfrei!)


Deutscher Wanderverband
Wilhelmshöher Allee 157-159
D-34121 Kassel

Tel.: +49 (0)561-93873-0


Length, Start/End
660km, Marktredwitz - Passau
Highest elevation: 1,453m

Altitude profile


1. Marktredwitz - Friedenfels 18 km
2. Friedenfels - Falkenberg 16 km
3. Falkenberg - Windischeschenbach 14 km
4. Windischeschenbach - Neustadt a. d. Waldnaab 10 km
5. Neustadt a. d. Waldnaab - Letzau-Oberhöll 12 km
6. Letzau-Oberhöll - Leuchtenberg 14 km
7. Leuchtenberg - Trausnitz 13 km
8. Trausnitz - Tännesberg 9 km
9. Tännesberg - Oberviechtach 19 km
10. Oberviechtach - Thanstein 17 km

Wayside fare for walkers
The Goldsteig takes its name from a joint marketing venture with a famous German cheesemaking cooperative involving more than 5,000 dairy farmers in the region, whose products just happen to be perfect for walkers' packed lunches. In the Upper Palatinate, you can even take a picnic basket to be filled along the way with sweet German cakes, Bavarian specialities and delicious smoked trout. Numerous hotels in the Upper Palatinate Forest and Bavarian Forest have been awarded the Wanderbares Deutschland quality marque for walkers. Some that lie close to the trail are also members of the Goldsteig hiking hotels association, which guarantee a high quality of food and a good night's sleep.

From the Upper Palatinate Forest to the Bavarian Forest

Opened on 31 October 2007, this quality-certified route and "top trail of Germany" offers walking at its finest in beautiful eastern Bavaria - from the Fichtelgebirge mountains and Steinwald Forest, through the Upper Bavarian Forest, to the two Bavarian Forest ridges and into the Danube valley. Beginning in Marktredwitz, the 660km route traces the edge of the Fichtelgebirge mountains along the high ridges of the Steinwald forest, before heading down to the dramatic ruins of Weissenstein Castle on its way to Friedenfels. A thousand little lakes line the onward leg to Falkenberg Castle - a mighty fortress shrouded in myth and legend - before the route follows the part gentle, part dramatic Waldnaab valley to the lead crystal town of Neustadt.

Upper Palatinate and Bavarian Forest
As the trail continues south towards the sun, it rises and falls in rhythm with the foothills of the Upper Palatinate Forest. Shortly after Oberviechtach, the Goldsteig divides into two equally attractive routes. Fitter walkers should choose the "mountain route", which takes them past Furth im Wald, the town of dragon slayers, up the Grosser Arber, through the Bavarian Forest National Park, to the Grosser Falkenstein, Grosser Rachel and Lusen peaks. It's then onwards along the German-Czech border to Mount Dreisesselberg and Passau, the town on three rivers. This leg of the Goldsteig is one of the most spectacular walking experiences in Germany: tackle near alpine-conditions on rocky Mount Kaitersberg, enjoy the long climb up the Grosser Arber, Bavaria's highest mountain outside the Alps, and follow winding mountain paths up to lofty peaks.

The alternative option heading south follows the ridge of the Bavarian Forest foothills, offering stunning alpine panoramas from Mount Pröller, Mount Hirschenstein and Mount Brotjacklriegel. Descending to more level ground, it runs parallel to the Danube along the River Ilz, on course for a rendezvous with the mountain route in Passau.

Quality-certified trail

Travel Information

Public transport: Nearest InterCityExpress train station is Nuremberg, regional services to Marktredwitz from Nuremberg, Hof or Regensburg (via Weiden in der Oberpfalz)
Car: A93 Hof - Marktredwitz - Weiden - Regensburg - Munich. A70 or A9 to Bayreuth, B303 to Marktredwitz.

Public transport: InterRegio trains to Munich or InterCityExpress trains to Regensburg-Nuremberg-Frankfurt or Vienna
Car: A3 towards Regensburg-Nuremberg-Frankfurt or A3/A92 towards Munich


  • heavy clouds Berlin
    21.2 °F, heavy clouds
  • bright Bremen
    26.6 °F, bright
  • dull weather Dresden
    28.4 °F, dull weather
  • heavy clouds Düsseldorf
    32 °F, heavy clouds
  • cloudy Erfurt
    21.2 °F, cloudy
  • heavy clouds Frankfurt
    28.4 °F, heavy clouds
  • bright Hamburg
    23 °F, bright
  • cloudy Hannover
    28.4 °F, cloudy
  • bright Kiel
    24.8 °F, bright
  • heavy clouds Cologne
    32 °F, heavy clouds
  • bright Magdeburg
    28.4 °F, bright
  • heavy clouds Mainz
    28.4 °F, heavy clouds
  • cloudy Munich
    28.4 °F, cloudy
  • fog Potsdam
    23 °F, fog
  • snow shower Saarbrücken
    30.2 °F, snow shower
  • bright Schwerin
    15.8 °F, bright
  • heavy clouds Wiesbaden
    28.4 °F, heavy clouds
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