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Contact (Route)

Eifel Tourismus (ET) Gesellschaft mbH
Kalvarienbergstrasse 1
D - 54595 Prüm
Telefon: 00 49 (0) 65 51 / 96 56 0
Telefax: 00 49 (0) 65 51 / 96 56 96

Eifelverein e. V.
Stürtzstrasse 2 - 6
52349 Düren
Telefon: +49 (0) 0 24 21-131 21
Telefax: +49 (0) 0 24 21-137 64


Deutscher Wanderverband
Wilhelmshöher Allee 157-159
D-34121 Kassel

Tel.: +49 (0)561-93873-0


Length, Start/End
313km, Aachen/Kornelimünster - Trier
Highest elevation: 647m

Altitude profile


1. Aachen/ Kornelimünster - Roetgen 14 km
2. Roetgen - Monschau 17 km
3. Monschau - Einruhr 24,5 km
4. Einruhr - Gemünd 21 km
5. Gemünd - Steinfeld 17,5 km
6. Steinfeld - Blankenheim 22,5 km
7. Blankenheim - Mirbach 17,5 km
8. Mirbach - Hillesheim 25,5 km
9. Hillesheim - Gerolstein 20 km
10. Gerolstein - Daun 25 km
11. Daun - Manderscheid 23 km
12. Manderscheid - Kloster Himmerod 18 km
13. Kloster Himmerod - Bruch 20,5 km
14. Bruch - Kordel 29 km
15. Kordel - Trier 18 km

Oberburg Castle and Niederburg Castle, Manderscheid
In Manderscheid, the ensemble of Oberburg and Niederburg (upper and lower castles) is one of the finest examples of medieval fortification in Germany. Sitting close together in the Lieser valley, the two castle ruins are separated only by the river and recall the battle for supremacy in the Eifel region, waged in the Middle Ages between the surrounding rival territories of Trier and Luxembourg.

Just you, the rocks and the water

“Just you, the rocks and the water”: a perfect description of a trail which offers constantly changing variations on its underlying theme. The Eifelsteig takes in spectacular natural environments on its way through three impressive conservation areas in the Eifel region: the highland moors of the German-Belgian nature reserve Hohes Venn, the Eifel National Park and the Vulkaneifel European Geopark.

Over a total of 313 kilometres the 15 stages of the Eifelsteig trail lead from Aachen/Kornelimünster in North Rhine-Westphalia to Trier in Rhineland-Palatinate. In the north of the region, where the trail begins, the mountains are merely hills that tail off into the lowlands. The initial stages of the route are characterised by the highland moors of the Hohes Venn and beech hedges as high as houses that shield against the wind. It continues through the Eifel national park with its rocky ravines and mixed woodlands as far as the dam of the Urfttal reservoir, then up onto the Dreiborn plateau, home to a former National Socialist training camp (Ordensburg Vogelsang), and down again to the river Urft which leads on to Gemünd. Passing the Roman aqueduct that once served Cologne, the trail continues via Nettersheim to Blankenheim, where it crosses into Rhineland-Palatinate.

Here in the western Eifel region, the landscape is shaped by volcanic activity. Mother Nature puts on a spectacular show: some of her finest achievements include the continuously growing Dreimühlen waterfall, the dolomite cliffs in Gerolstein and the maar crater lakes known as the blue eyes of the Eifel. After Daun, the Eifelsteig joins the Lieser Trail before it turns off into the Salm valley, headed for the Kyll valley. Reddish-yellow sedimentary rock dominates the scenery in its latter stages all the way to Trier, the final destination.


  • heavy clouds Berlin
    21.2 °F, heavy clouds
  • bright Bremen
    26.6 °F, bright
  • dull weather Dresden
    28.4 °F, dull weather
  • heavy clouds Düsseldorf
    32 °F, heavy clouds
  • cloudy Erfurt
    21.2 °F, cloudy
  • heavy clouds Frankfurt
    28.4 °F, heavy clouds
  • bright Hamburg
    23 °F, bright
  • cloudy Hannover
    28.4 °F, cloudy
  • bright Kiel
    24.8 °F, bright
  • heavy clouds Cologne
    32 °F, heavy clouds
  • bright Magdeburg
    28.4 °F, bright
  • heavy clouds Mainz
    28.4 °F, heavy clouds
  • cloudy Munich
    28.4 °F, cloudy
  • fog Potsdam
    23 °F, fog
  • snow shower Saarbrücken
    30.2 °F, snow shower
  • bright Schwerin
    15.8 °F, bright
  • heavy clouds Wiesbaden
    28.4 °F, heavy clouds
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