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Contact (Route)

Postfach 2205
D-57382 Schmallenberg
Hotline 0180 - 5154555 (14 Ct./min / dt. Festnetz)


Deutscher Wanderverband
Wilhelmshöher Allee 157-159
D-34121 Kassel

Tel.: +49 (0)561-93873-0

Der Rothaarsteig

Length, Start/End
154km / 187km (via Fuchskaute), Brilon - Dillenburg
Highest elevation: 843m

Altitude profile
Der Rothaarsteig


1. Brilon - Bruchhausen 18 km
2. Bruchhausen - Küstelberg 17 km
3. Küstelberg - Hoheleye 21 km
4. Hoheleye - Jagdhaus 18 km
5. Jagdhaus - Ginsburg 24 km
6. Ginsburg - Lahnhof 18 km
7. Lahnhof - Wilgersdorf-Kalteiche 19 km
8. Wilgersdorf-Kalteiche - Dillenburg 19 km
9. W1 Wilgersdorf-Kalteiche - Fuchskaute 26,5 km
10. W2 Fuchskaute - Dillenburg (Bhf.) 26 km

Latrop is the starting point of one of the loveliest circular walks along the Rothaarsteig, and you don't even need to leave the trail itself. The trail's main route along the ridge of the hills and the alternative valley route through the Upper Sauerland run parallel to each other for around 13 kilometres. The main route starts from the walkers' car park in Latrop and leads you through the Grubental valley to the pagan altar stone, then onto the town of Schanze and up to the ridge. You stay on the ridge from Heidenstock hill to Millionenbank hill where the route descends back to Latrop.

Exploring the land of a thousand hills

The Rothaarsteig trail begins in Brilon and continues for 154 kilometres across the Rothaargebirge hills to the Upper Westerwald region and to the town of Dillenburg. A gently rolling landscape is characteristic of the "land of a thousand peaks and valleys" between North Rhine-Westphalia and Hessen. The trail follows the watershed between the Rhine and Weser rivers, passing the sources of several major rivers along the way: the Ruhr, Lenne, Sieg, Dill and Lahn all originate here and are headed towards the Rhine, while the Eder is on its way to join the Weser.

Rich in forests and traditions
Although the forests that gave their names to these hills were cleared over time, they have long since regrown. Coniferous woods and upland heaths in the north contrast with the lush beech forests that define the southern section of the route. The first stages of the trail lead through the rugged scenery of the Sauerland region, past no fewer than 15 peaks of 800 metres of more, just waiting to be climbed for panoramic views across to Westphalia and northern Hessen.

Thrills and relaxation
The Rothaarsteig trail offers both. Mount Ginsterkopf offers an especially adventurous ascent, while a good sense of balance is required on the rope bridge near Kühhude and a head for heights will be useful on the observation tower on Mount Kahler Asten, the Rhein-Weser tower and the circular tower that once belonged to the Ginsburg border fortress. However, there are also plenty of opportunities to relax for a bit and just enjoy the sunshine. If you want to get really comfortable, there is sure to be a lounger or a wooden bench at hand on which you can while away a few hours. None of the Rothaarsteig stages are particularly long and each one has plenty of places where you can adjourn your hike for the day. Public transport is excellent and many accommodation providers will pick you up and drop you back off again.

Travel Information

Public transport: Train from Kassel, Dortmund or Paderborn to Brilon (
Car: Via the A46/B7 from the Ruhrgebiet or via the A44/B7 from northern Hessen.

Public transport: From Dillenburg by train towards the Rhine-Main region or Siegen (
Car: On the A45 towards Frankfurt or the Olpe intersection.


  • heavy clouds Berlin
    21.2 °F, heavy clouds
  • bright Bremen
    26.6 °F, bright
  • dull weather Dresden
    28.4 °F, dull weather
  • heavy clouds Düsseldorf
    32 °F, heavy clouds
  • cloudy Erfurt
    21.2 °F, cloudy
  • heavy clouds Frankfurt
    28.4 °F, heavy clouds
  • bright Hamburg
    23 °F, bright
  • cloudy Hannover
    28.4 °F, cloudy
  • bright Kiel
    24.8 °F, bright
  • heavy clouds Cologne
    32 °F, heavy clouds
  • bright Magdeburg
    28.4 °F, bright
  • heavy clouds Mainz
    28.4 °F, heavy clouds
  • cloudy Munich
    28.4 °F, cloudy
  • fog Potsdam
    23 °F, fog
  • snow shower Saarbrücken
    30.2 °F, snow shower
  • bright Schwerin
    15.8 °F, bright
  • heavy clouds Wiesbaden
    28.4 °F, heavy clouds
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