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D-08209 Auerbach
Telefon 0 37 44 / 18 88 60


Deutscher Wanderverband
Wilhelmshöher Allee 157-159
D-34121 Kassel

Tel.: +49 (0)561-93873-0

Vogtland Panorama Weg

Length, Start/End
220km, circular tour from Göltzschtalbrücke bridge near Netzschkau
Highest elevation: 936m

Altitude profile
Vogtland Panorama Weg®


1. Greiz - Jocketa 15 km
2. Jocketa - Geilsdorf 22 km
3. Geilsdorf - Oelsnitz 17 km
4. Oelsnitz - Bad Elster 20 km
5. Bad Elster - Bad Brambach 14 km
6. Bad Brambach - Bad Brambach 13 km
7. Bad Brambach - Breitenfeld 15 km
8. Breitenfeld - Erlbach 13 km
9. Erlbach - Klingenthal 24 km
10. Klingenthal - Vogelsgrün 20 km
11. Vogelsgrün - Lengenfeld 21 km
12. Lengenfeld - Reichenbach 14 km

Highlights - discover a holiday region
Beautiful towns in Saxony
rman Avenues Route
Bad Elster

The German Aerospace Exhibition, which reopened in new premises in Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz, is well worth a visit.

Picture-book scenery with a thousand views

The Vogtland Panorama Weg starts at the top! The biggest brick bridge in the world, Göltzschtalbrücke marks the start of this 220km trail through the Vogtland region.

Lovely valley plains, dramatic rocky valleys, castles, palaces, spas, panoramic views and other attractions line the 220km Vogtland Panorama Weg® on its way from Göltzschtalbrücke bridge, through Plauen to the Saxon state spa resorts close to the border with the Czech Republic. From Saxony's deep south, the leafy circular trail then takes on a whole new character as it passes through dense coniferous forests to lofty summits affording spectacular panoramic views of Klingenthal on its way back to the biggest brick bridge in the world.

The first stage of this tour of Saxony's Vogtland region takes walkers down the valley and along the Göltzsch and White Elster rivers to just outside the lace-making town of Plauen. To the south of Plauen, the Vogtland hills give way to the Elstergebirge mountains on the German-Czech border. Here, you'll find the magnificent thermal spa resorts of Bad Elster and Bad Brambach.

Leaving the towns behind, you can enjoy amazing panoramic views from the densely wooded uplands of the Upper Vogtland region around Markneukirchen and Klingenthal. The wide open countryside around Markneukirchen is known as the Vogtland's 'musical corner'. Set against a stunning backdrop of gently rolling fields, meadows filled with colourful flowers and wooded hills, the town owes its fame to Bohemian violin makers.

With every step, you'll notice the hills becoming ever steeper and the first mountains blocking the views of Klingenthal. Vogtland Arena, home to one of Europe's largest and most modern ski jumps, is located here. Schneckenstein rock on Kielberg hill is one of only two topaz outcrops in the world. The hills gradually tail off on the way down to Rodewisch and Reichenbach where the trail ends.

Quality-certified trail

Travel Information

Public transport: The Vogtland region has an extensive network of bus and train services. The Vogtland train operates on a number of lines along virtually the entire route, including Reichenbach - Plauen - Bad Brambach - Marienbad and Zwickau - Falkenstein/Auerbach - Klingenthal and Plauen - Falkenstein/Auerbach - Adorf.


  • heavy clouds Berlin
    21.2 °F, heavy clouds
  • bright Bremen
    26.6 °F, bright
  • dull weather Dresden
    28.4 °F, dull weather
  • heavy clouds Düsseldorf
    32 °F, heavy clouds
  • cloudy Erfurt
    21.2 °F, cloudy
  • heavy clouds Frankfurt
    28.4 °F, heavy clouds
  • bright Hamburg
    23 °F, bright
  • cloudy Hannover
    28.4 °F, cloudy
  • bright Kiel
    24.8 °F, bright
  • heavy clouds Cologne
    32 °F, heavy clouds
  • bright Magdeburg
    28.4 °F, bright
  • heavy clouds Mainz
    28.4 °F, heavy clouds
  • cloudy Munich
    28.4 °F, cloudy
  • fog Potsdam
    23 °F, fog
  • snow shower Saarbrücken
    30.2 °F, snow shower
  • bright Schwerin
    15.8 °F, bright
  • heavy clouds Wiesbaden
    28.4 °F, heavy clouds
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