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Bavaria - Germany's top holiday region

Aerial view of Hohenschwangau Castle surrounded by forest
Real enthusiasm for life. Blue skies and crystal clear lakes. Small medieval towns and vibrant cities. Old Bavarian traditions and warm hospitality. Mystical forests and snow-capped mountain peaks. Outdoor activities and relaxation.
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Germany's favourite destination for city breaks

View of the triumphal chariot on Brandenburg Gate, photos BTM: ©
The new Berlin is a city in transition. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany, the country's largest city has become even more cosmopolitan, a place where "east meets west". Germany's vibrant capital is a permanent hive of activity.
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Baden Württemberg
Diversity in the heart of Europe

View of medieval riverfront houses and old bridge
A land of superlatives spanning the traditional and the modern. Home of the Hohenzollern royal family, cuckoo clocks, zeppelins, DaimlerChrysler and Porsche.
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From Sleeping Beauty to modern art

View of the Alte Oper in Frankfurt
People with charm and joie de vivre, friendly and sincere. Whether you are looking for culture, activities or a family holiday – Hessen has countless attractions to offer. Frankfurt am Main is Europe's financial services capital and Frankfurt Airport is the largest aviation hub in continental Europe.
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Discover the variety. Experience more.

Hambach Castle with vineyards in the foreground
A federal state unlike any other. A region as interesting and diverse as the people who live here, its culture as rich and varied as the history that shaped it. A fascinating blend of romanticism and excitement. Discover an ideal holiday destination.
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Big-city flair and small-town romance

Inner courtyard of the Zwinger palace with tourists sitting by the fountain
Apart from the well-known cities, Dresden, Chemnitz and Leipzig, Saxony also has delightful smaller towns like Meissen, Seiffen or Annaberg that are well worth a visit. The Elbe Sandstone Massif in Saxon Switzerland and the Erzgebirge mountains never fail to enchant visitors.
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North Rhine-Westphalia
...always something new to discover!

The bustling Rhine promenade in Düsseldorf
A region of contrasts. City tours full of culture or industrial culture full of excitement, active holidays and rural bliss in natural surroundings, a haven of health and fitness for anyone seeking to relax - North Rhine Westphalia has it all!
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Modern city with charm and tradition

View of the brick buildings in the warehouse district with bridge and boat
One of the most exciting parts of northern Germany. From high to alternative culture, from historical to modern, from the urban to the countryside, excitement by day, by night, on land or on water: Hamburg is open to all sorts of influences.
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Land of castles and palaces

Goethe summer house with lawn and leafy trees
Where the most precious treasures are nature and culture. The cradle of German Classicism, where the memory of Luther, Bach, Schiller and Goethe is still very much alive. Also home to Jena Optics and the largest teddy bear in the world.
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Two cities - one state

View of the Bremen Town Musicians and houses in Bremen market square
Bremen, the dynamic heart of north-west Germany and the traditional home of the Bremen Town Musicians. A modern federal state that's a perfect blend of traditional values and a cosmopolitan outlook.
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Town and country

Tree-lined avenue in Brandenburg
The region around the German capital offers the best of everything - Potsdam, its state capital, the idyllic Brandenburg countryside as well as the vibrant city of Berlin.
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Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
Land of a thousand lakes

View of Schwerin Castle with gardens
The region is shaped by water, be it the fascinating coastline or the varied countryside inland. The Hanseatic towns hold impressive reminders of the region's former power, and its seaside health resorts still reflect their history as leading spa destinations. Palaces, stately homes, parks, gardens and lakes are characteristic features of the state.
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Lower Saxony
By boat, by bike and on horseback

Pilsum lighthouse in East Friesland, copyright Tourismus Marketing Niedersachsen GmbH
Discover something amazing - experiences for all to enjoy. From the East Frisian islands and Lower Saxony Wattenmeer national park to Lüneburg Heath and all the way to the Harz mountains there are plenty of attractive holiday regions.
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Land between two seas

Flowering rapeseed in front of windmill
The region is defined by the North Sea and the Baltic, with the rhythm of life determined by wind and waves and the ebb and flow of the tides. An ideal holiday destination for families, water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers.
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A youthful state with a turbulent history

View of Saarbrücken and the old bridge over the River Saar
Saarland, the smallest of Germany's federal states, borders on France and Luxembourg. Its Völklingen Ironworks UNESCO world heritage site is its most popular cultural attraction.
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Waiting to be discovered

Castles in a hillside setting
Pre-history, the Middle Ages, the Reformation and the Enlightenment, industrialisation and classical modernism - Saxony Anhalt is a treasure trove for cultural, educational and sightseeing tours, perfectly combining learning and leisure.
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Map of Germany

Map showing all of Germany's TOP travel destinations...
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