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City at the heart of Europe

Aachen Cathedral, Copyright Verkehrsverein Bad Aachen
In the Middle Ages Aachen was the seat of emperors and kings, and the scene of many coronations and imperial diets. Its hot springs made this city, at the foot of the Eifel hills, the favourite residence of Charlemagne, who built a palace here. The cathedral (UNESCO World Heritage site) and the Gothic town hall form the heart of the old quarter. The modern Carolus thermal baths and Aachen casino are also well worth a visit.
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Places of interest

Aachen's Charlemagne bust, copyright Verkehrsversein Bad Aachen
The Romans settled here 2,000 years ago, drawn by the thermal springs, but the real founder of the city was Charlemagne, who has shaped its history for 1200 years. The city's historical charm is most striking in the centre of the old town with its imposing cathedral, Gothic town hall and proud town houses dating from various centuries. The Elisenbrunnen drinking fountain is one of many in Aachen, and well worth a visit.
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Aachen Couven Museum
The high-quality collections of Aachen's museums paint a comprehensive picture of the development of art from antiquity via medieval sculpture to the present day. Temporary exhibitions and a varied programme of events provide lively access to modern-day culture.
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