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Religious holidays, traditions and customs

Traditions and customs provide people with the means to explore their everyday and religious experiences with all of their senses. Over the course of the year, traditions, customs and religious holidays offer everything from colourful entertainment to exuberant celebration, as carnival, Easter, the harvest festival, Christmas and New Year's Eve all provide release from the daily grind. The holy festivals, Christmas, Easter and Whitsun, are also the high points of the religious calendar. Throughout the world, cultures preserve old traditions and customs which represent their way of life, their view of the world, religious ideas and cultural inclinations. In Germany too, there are many religious festivals and events which combine faith, culture, tradition and custom. They bring the different generations closer together and create a feeling of community Annual holidays unite people at a regional, national and even at a global level. If we didn't have our traditions, we wouldn't have a future either. Getting to know the customs of other cultures is always very interesting and can make it much easier to understand them too.