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The cattle drive - a traditional harvest spectacle in the Allgäu Alps

Driving the cattle down from their mountain pastures is a regional custom celebrated in many places across the Allgäu Alps. It takes place in September and is staged in the most charming and festive fashion. The return of the cattle and cow herders is a large and joyous event which attracts many onlookers every year.
One of the region's best known traditions, the return of the cattle from the mountain pastures in autumn is celebrated in many places across the Upper Allgäu and is a key event in mountain farming. The cattle drive, known locally as the Viehscheid, is the thanksgiving festival of the famers, mountain cowherds, and shepherds of this region. It celebrates the return of the cattle, which are brought down safe and sound to the barns in the valley after spending the summer in the mountain pastures.
Around 50,000 head of cattle are lead down from the hills and returned to their barns for the winter. The colourfully garlanded cows are brought from the pastures to a special gathering place, called the Scheidplatz (literally, the "place of division"), where they are handed back to their owners amidst festive celebration. The arrival of the herd at the Scheidplatz in each village is always an awesome spectacle, which is watched and celebrated by many onlookers.
Summer in the mountains culminates in the cattle drive, when herds of cows are brought from the mountain pastures back down to the valley in autumn. This annual event is always worth a visit. The cows and heifers are splendidly adorned, with colourful garlands on their heads, while bells of different sizes chime around their necks. As the cowherds drive them into the valley, where they reside over the winter, the herds pass by the many spectators. In the villages, the day is duly celebrated with cattle drive festivals, where visitors are treated to local specialities and delicacies, while folk music bands provide entertainment that makes the events go with a swing.

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