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Personalities - famous people in religion

Time and again, there are outstanding personalities who secure their place in the history books through remarkable achievements in many different fields, and whose names live on through the centuries. Be they prominent scientists, artists or politicians, it is a combination of pioneering spirit, personal presence and charisma that sets these people apart. Every era has produced its own famous personalities. However, it was not only rulers, emperors, kings and princes, but also men of the church, abbots, monks, nuns, martyrs and scholars; and just as often common people, who distinguished themselves through their deeds and changed the world. Among them, there were many who in the course of history have become role models for Christians because of their beliefs and their commitment to the church and society. Many of them are saints or have been beatified, and they are revered by the church. All of these people achieved great things and have left their mark on the world, never to be forgotten. As such, they all have one thing in common: they have earned their place in history, and have inspired certain customs and rituals that root Christian beliefs firmly in everyday life, giving it a deeper meaning.