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Water - as pure as our unspoilt nature

Landscape with lake
This purely natural product bubbles from the Rhön (a mountain region in central Germany) to the border of the Alps. In Germany the officially sealed mineral water is served from a designer bottle in an elegant glass.

Each mineral water has its own taste depending on the soil and rocks through which the rain drops have made their way over hundreds, often even thousands of years. The salty rocks of the prehistoric seas for instance provide chloride. Plenty of carbon dioxide is found in volcanic rocks. The minerals and trace elements support a healthy balance in the human body. They can even become a classic natural remedy. "Healing waters" which are regularly tested by the government flow in Germany from 65 springs. Magnesium for instance protects against heart-circulation illness, sulphate is good for the gall-bladder and the pancreas, hydrogen carbonate helps if you are plagued by gastric acid and calcium strengthens the bones.

Water is healthy - water can heal. The numerous spas and health resorts in Germany, which often have a tradition of thousands of years, are experiencing a renaissance right now. Special offers with healing waters and Water Weeks are increasingly being offered. Water tasting is becoming more and more popular and is recommended by the experts. Let's trust the scientists and physicians and enjoy health and beauty from German springs.