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Art & culture

Part of the world's cultural heritage is waiting to be discovered in Goslar. The sense of the past is so strong you can almost reach out and touch it. History has been made in Goslar by emperors and dynasties, and the town could tell many a tale of kings, knights and riches. Exploring the maze of cobbled lanes in the old town, where every house has a story to tell, is a fascinating experience, and the Town Hall is a breathtaking architectural gem. A buzzing arts and craft centre can be found in the Great Holy Cross hospice, while the Jewish cemetery represents a significant cultural monument.
Town Hall
It is impossible to pin Goslar Town Hall down to any one century or architectural era. It started life in the 15th century as the current east wing, the arcades of which opened out into the market square. The building was then extended and enlarged over the course of more than 400 years, and it still serves as the town's administrative centre. Inside, the Hall of Homage is a stunning example of late-Gothic interior design, with multimedia features. Every last inch of the walls, ceiling and window recesses is covered with panelled paintings, each one an art treasure of the very highest quality.
Great Holy Cross arts and crafts centre
Dating back to 1254, the two-storey main building is the oldest part of this historical ensemble. Once a charitable institution for the poor, the Great Holy Cross now provides the quaint setting for a lively arts and crafts centre. Seven small doors in the medieval hallway lead to the tiny workshops, where artisans working with glass, paper, clay, gold and fabrics make and sell their hand-crafted wares. Located between the Imperial Palace and the market square, this historical monument is once again playing an important role in the town, this time preserving local trades and traditions.
Jewish cemetery
Off the beaten track, behind a inconspicuous gate at the end of the Glockengiessergasse, is the Jewish cemetery – a place of historical interest that is over 400 years old. A total of 145 gravestones have been preserved, some of which date back to the early 17th century. Their engravings tell an unbroken story of a vibrant Jewish community in Goslar until its members were expelled by the Nazis in the Second World War. A memorial stone commemorates local Jews who lost their lives during this time. The last burial here took place in 1972.
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