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The Harz – a land shrouded in myth and mystery. Walpurgis Night is not the only time when you'll think every rustle of wind is a cackling witch and every jagged rock a dancing devil in the morning fog. Mount Brocken is the top destination for walking in the region, and you can even catch a train to the summit; the witches' trail shows the Harz in its full glory, and the Harz narrow-gauge railway is ideal for letting off steam.
Mount Brocken
Reaching a height of 1,142 metres and the subject of countless legends and fables, Mount Brocken is the tallest and most popular peak in the Harz region. A harsh alpine climate prevails at the summit, similar to the conditions found in Iceland. If you've reached the top and you have some spare time, don't miss out on the Brocken botanical garden (guided tours only). It was laid out as early as 1890, and is home to around 1,400 species of plant that can only be found in the area. In contrast to this carefully tended attraction, the forests visible from the summit are wild and dense, just as nature intended. According to local lore, they were once the domain of the Brocken witches.
Harz witches' trail
At just under 100 kilometres in length, the witches' trail allows visitors to experience the Harz region in all its beauty – light deciduous forests and dense coniferous woods, brightly coloured mountain pastures and steep cliffs, babbling brooks and majestic reservoirs. The history of mining in the region stretches back more than 1,000 years, and evidence of this can be found everywhere. Along the way, you'll see the smoking charcoal ovens, which had a vital part to play in smelting the local ore.
Harz narrow-gauge railways
Revisit the Golden Age of the railways in a wild and romantic setting. Covering over 130 kilometres, the Harz narrow-gauge is the largest historical network of its kind in Europe that still operates a standard timetable. Every day, the largely steam-driven rolling stock takes visitors all over the region. You can even take a train up to Mount Brocken, the highest peak. Special trips, a chance to sit up front in the cab and honorary train drivers' certificates are available.
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