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Landesmarketing Sachsen-Anhalt GmbH
Am Alten Theater 6
39104 Magdeburg

Romanesque Route
A journey back to the Romanesque era

Pleasure boat with Romanesque church in the background

The "Romanesque Route" is one of Germany's most popular tourist routes. It follows a circuit of over 1,000 kilometres in an area packed with Romanesque architecture dating back to the time when Ottonian emperors ruled Saxony-Anhalt. The Romanesque Route is made up of two sections which run from Arendsee in the north to Zeitz in the south, linking 60 towns and villages whose total of 72 Romanesque cathedrals, churches, abbeys, castles and palaces attest to the region's political and commercial importance during medieval times. Castles, abbey churches and ruins are laid out ready to be explored, on hilltops and mountain sides, by rivers and in picturesque villages. Saxony-Anhalt, more than any other German state, is a treasure house of Romanesque architecture unmatched in its wealth and breadth.

Magdeburg Cathedral and the river Elbe

There is such a profusion of art treasures between the Havel and Elbe rivers that you would be well advised to tour them by bicycle. Roads lined with apple trees, scenic rivers and streams and enticing picnic spots are just a bonus. Are you ready to go? Then let's travel back to the world of great kings and emperors. The northern route runs from Magdeburg through the Altmark region to the extreme north of Saxony-Anhalt. Magdeburg's most famous sights are its cathedral with the tomb of Otto the Great and the Abbey of Our Lady, one of Germany's most impressive Romanesque buildings, nowadays an art museum and concert hall. North of Madgdeburg, well-preserved brick-built churches are a regular sight throughout the Altmark.

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Basic information

  • Length
  • Themes
    In brief: 72 Romanesque buildings - selected cathedrals, abbeys, churches, castles and palaces

Highlights in brief

  • Magdeburg
    Cathedral, tomb of Otto the Great

  • Diersdorf
    Augustinian abbey
  • Blankenburg
    Cistercian abbey
  • Quedlinburg
    UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Pansfelde
    Falkenstein Castle
  • Tilleda
    Imperial palace
  • Querfurt
    Talrundburg Castle
  • Bad Kösen
    Saaleck Castle
  • Naumburg
  • Zeitz
    Moritzburg Palace