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A wonderful world of roses

In Sangerhausen the “queen of flowers” has been stirring passions for over 100 years. This rose paradise, the largest collection of roses in the world, gained international significance after German reunification. With its record-breaking roses and abundance of rarities, this is a must for every rose lover. The European Rosarium is more than purely a beautiful, poetic garden. As its name suggests, it is also a living museum and a gene bank designed to preserve and propagate its enormously diverse collection.
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European Rosarium, Sangerhausen

This garden - 12.5 hectares in total - is home to 75,000 roses and 8,300 species. It is the biggest collection of roses in the world, as featured in the Guinness Book of Records. Here visitors can admire all the main classes of rose in countless variations and colours – from the oldest gallica rose, through the bourbons and the damasks to the repeat-flowering rose. Highlights include roses from Goethe's garden, the world's smallest rose and exquisite wild roses. The sheer number of roses at Sangerhausen is certainly impressive but the rose lover's primary reason for visiting is the quality of the flowers. Climbing roses clamber gracefully up pyramids and pillars; standard roses are at the perfect height for their fragrance to be fully appreciated. Here the roses are surrounded by a beautifully manicured park. The “queen of flowers” is the star of the show.
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  1. European Rosarium, Sangerhausen