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Schleswig Holstein Wadden Sea National Park

The Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park is central Europe's largest national park. A third of the biggest contiguous area of mudflats in the world, which extend from Holland's North Sea coast as far as Denmark, is located along the coast of Schleswig-Holstein. The Wadden Sea National Park is a unique strip of coastal wetland, covered by the sea when the tide comes in and exposed when it recedes. Visitors are able to experience a completely natural marine landscape with dunes, beaches and salt marshes. There are small Hallig islands, unprotected by dykes, which disappear beneath the waves during storms and spring tides.
The mudflats are a habitat for around 3,200 animal species. Starfish, crabs, snails, mussels and mud worms all live along the water's edge. Every year there is a special visitor attraction - masses of migratory birds nesting and roosting in the national park. The autumn arrival of such an amazing diversity of birds is a spectacular sight. The salt marshes support a wide variety of plants, including sea lavender, red fescue and sea plantain.

Expert tour guides explain how the sea ebbs and flows, returning after six hours and filling the tideways - deep furrows in the mudflats - with water once again. A holiday in the Schleswig-Holstein Waddensea National Park offers walks along the beach, swimming in the sea, tours of the coastal mudflats, boat trips and birdwatching in the salt marshes - plenty of relaxation for both body and soul.

  • Multimar Wattforum national park centre in Tönning
  • Whale exhibition
  • Husum with its old harbour and museums
  • Carriage rides to the Hallig island of Südfall
  • Guided walks across the mudflats
  • Nordstrand information centre and aquarium
  • Friedrichskoog seal centre
There are many opportunities for excursions, including trips to small fishing villages in the national park and boat trips to the seal banks. Seal-watching out at sea is a wonderfully enjoyable experience.