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Kellerwald-Edersee National Park

The Kellerwald-Edersee National Park lies at the centre of the "green heart" of Germany, just half an hour's drive from the town of Kassel. Lake Edersee marks the southern boundary of the 5,700 hectare park, which contains one of the last large, unbroken stretches of deciduous forests in central Europe. This uniquely beautiful area in North Hessen has been shaped by decades of nature conservation and forestry activities. This is not the place to come in search of roads, houses and railway lines.

Instead, visitors to the national park can admire the 50 or so mountains covered with a "blanket of beech", crystal clear streams snaking their way along valleys of woods and meadows, rock and boulder fields, relics of the last ice age, framed by large-leaved limes and thousand-year-old oak trees, damp gullies lined with ash trees and mountain elms, and meadows covered in orchids and Cheddar pinks.
The ancient trees with their countless hollows and rotten wood are already home to a number of rare species. The park provides a habitat for almost every bird native to central European ancient woodland, as well as the shy black stork, the rare wild cat, numerous species of bat and many other animals. Formerly a game reserve, the area is also famous for its noisy stag rutting displays. There are numerous walks and trails with plenty to discover along the way. You can walk for miles and never see another soul in this vast, tranquil and secluded woodland.
In the Kellerwald National Park, you are nature's guest. There are countless opportunities here to observe the fascinating flora and fauna at close quarters, and gain a glimpse into hidden realms.

Use every one of your senses to turn a visit to the national park into a unique experience. Choose from a range of activities on offer, including fascinating guided tours, walks and cycle tours through the National Park.
Visitors are positively encouraged to observe the wildlife, explore the woods, take photographs, daydream, marvel, ask questions, breathe the woodland air, relax and reflect. The Kellerwald National Park is the place to experience nature as nature intended.