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Staatsbad Norderney GmbH
Weststrandstrasse 2
26548 Norderney

Health Resorts & Spas in Germany


Health as nature intended

Ever since spas first began in 1797, the North Sea health resort of Norderney has been the place for health and well-being. Not only do visitors enjoy a superb therapeutic climate, they also benefit from the relaxing, regenerative effects provided by the riches of sea. When used in the right combination, the cumulative healing effects of seawater, salt and mud can be used to combat and prevent illnesses. Treatments are available for cardiovascular diseases, musculo-skeletal illnesses, respiratory illnesses, childhood diseases, skin complaints, general weakness and convalescence.
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Medical facilities

The health resort of Norderney is known for its pure sea air, invigorating breeze, cool waters and bright sunshine. It lies off the North Sea coast, which provides optimum natural conditions for a healthy programme of recovery. Walking by the breaking surf treats the respiratory organs to a fine mist of seawater droplets. The constant massaging effect of the sea breeze does your skin the world of good, while bathing in the cool sea stimulates the circulation and enhances the body's ability to regulate its temperature. The sea climate even has beneficial effects for the metabolism, helping keep your insides healthy as well as enhancing the condition of your hair and skin.
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