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Castle Frankenstein - the fabled setting for the classic tale of horror

Castle Frankenstein is situated in the Mühltal valley on the western edge of the Odenwald forest, just south of Darmstadt. The name Frankenstein, immortalised in Mary Shelley's novel, is enough to give anyone the creeps. Gruesome goings-on still play a part in the castle's appeal, and not just at Halloween.
Castle Frankenstein owes its infamous reputation to one of its former residents: the controversial theologian, alchemist and anatomist, Johann Konrad Dippel (1673-1734), who was considered by the superstitious society of his time to be a sorcerer in league with the devil. It was his experiment - to create a new human being out of body parts and the blood of virgins by means of the occult arts - that inspired Mary Shelley to write her famous Frankenstein novel, which has been turned into numerous films. Castle Frankenstein, which dates back almost 800 years, is shrouded in fairytale and folklore, truth and untruth, ghost stories and knightly adventure.
Today, the most scenic approach to the castle is a direct ascent known as the "ladder to heaven". Nearby Ilbes Berg (also known as the magnet mountain) is the best-known witches' site in Germany after Mount Brocken in the Harz region. Its magnetic stones, supposedly given that property by witches, are a natural geological feature. At the base of the castle is an attractive stone quarry. According to legend, the knight Georg von Frankenstein did battle with a dragon here in 1512. A stone statue of the mythical creature commemorates the story to this day. The "fountain of youth" which can be reached through the castle's herb garden, is believed to have once been a sacred site for the Celts.
Castle Frankenstein has an exceptionally fascinating history that is well worth discovering. It was built in 1252 for Konrad Reiz von Breuberg, whose descendants called themselves "von Frankenstein". Today, the castle can be visited at any time and explored at your own pace. Themed events make it a popular day out for all ages. Good food can be enjoyed at the authentic on-site restaurant, which also stages spooky but sumptuous dining experiences. As you would expect, the myth-enshrouded castle is especially popular at Halloween.



A5, A67, B3, B426, bus service from Darmstadt train station