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Travel Tips for the Winter 2009/2010

For the winter season 2009/2010 we would not only like to present you with some of Germany's most unique Christmas Markets that will take place during the weeks before Christmas, but also with an outlook for 2010.  Next year the Ruhr Metropolis will be Cultural Capital of Europe.  We would like to give you a taste of what this fascinating German urban region has to offer to the US traveler. 

Medieval Christmas Markets

Germany is well known for its abundance of lovely Christmas markets throughout the country. The wonderful tradition of strolling around one of these beautiful markets in a festive setting is the best way to enjoy the warmth of Christmas time. This year we would like to introduce you to a few markets that you might not have heard of yet. For example, the Medieval Christmas Market in Cologne next to the Chocolate Museum on the banks of the river Rhine has become a true highlight of the Cologne Christmas Market scene. Step back to a time of merchant trade and traditional crafts, when entertainment was provided by traveling musicians, acrobats and thespians. Picture yourself in the Middle Ages, where medieval artisans tell ancient tales while working on their crafts and musicians add to the jolly atmosphere. Enjoy the scent of fine spices, freshly baked bread and roasted coffee in the air. For more information, please click here.
Another medieval market can be found in the historical surroundings of Wartburg Castle, which was once the home of Martin Luther. Or discover "Königstein Fortress - a winter fairytale" and the seasonal extravaganza within its historical walls. One of the highlights is the 367 foot long former barracks, which is transformed into the longest advent calendar in Germany.

The Ruhr Metropolis - European Capital of Culture

The Ruhr metropolis cannot be found on a city map or atlas, as this metropolitan area is still transforming itself into Germany's largest "city"! By becoming "European Capital of Culture in 2010" this genuine newcomer will be making its entry onto the urban stage. Once legendary for its coal and steel industry, the Ruhr Metropolis has evolved from an industrial mining area into a modern urban center. 
Explore this exciting metropolis comprised of 53 towns and cities.  The current motto of this vibrant polycentric center is "Change through Culture - Culture through Change".
A stone's throw away from other European cities like Amsterdam and Brussels, you can easily explore places like Essen, which offers its visitors interesting exhibitions like the Villa Hügel. This former home to the Krupp steel dynasty has achieved an international reputation as an outstanding cultural venue. Or check out Dortmund, a bit further east of Essen with its fascinating industrial heritage like the Zollern II/IV coal mine, a symbol of the region's industrial strength, as well as a variety of museums, countless cabaret and theaters, restaurants featuring a multitude of different dining experiences and the list goes on. "Essen for the Ruhr" will be stepping out onto the European stage on January 9, 2021 for the first event in a year full of sensations. The Zollverein World Cultural Heritage site in Essen will be the showplace for the opening event.
This date will mark the start of a year that will long remain in the memory of the inhabitants of the Ruhr Metropolis. We welcome you and your clients to join us and participate in the celebration!

Map of Germany

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