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Intrigued about Lomi Lomi?

We have compiled a list explaining what is involved in the most popular treatments in this brochure.

This "lore of longevity" has its origins in traditional Indian medicine. A healing method embracing body, mind and soul, it works via the immune system. Key features are synchronised massages, warm oil poured over the forehead and herbal steam baths.

The hamam is a traditional Turkish steambath with a hot room at 50°C and a warm room at 40°C.

Hay bath
The body is covered with dry or moist hay whose active ingredients are most effective at 40°C.

Cleopatra bath
A luxurious, Egyptian-style bath using essential oils, milk extracts and fresh flowers.

La Stone therapy (hot stone)
After a massage with essential oils, hot volcanic stones and chilled marble stones are laid on the body's energy centres. A massage with the stones then relaxes the muscles, accelerates the metabolism and initiates deep relaxation.

Lotus massage
A particularly gentle stroking massage technique using oil from the Caribbean. It has a relaxing effect and stimulates lymphatic drainage.

Lomi Lomi
A Hawaiian healing ritual and massage technique which involves gentle kneading and stretching. This intuitive oil massage technique is reputed to release even emotional blocks.

Rasul bath
An oriental bath using "healing earth". Mud is applied to the body, then massaged in. Impurities are absorbed, leaving the skin soft and smooth.

Rügen chalk
This is applied in a warm or cold pack for approx. 20 minutes. It is ideal for muscle or joint disorders and rheumatism. It stabilises the immune system and stimulates blood flow.

An area of traditional Chinese medicine. The flow of energy in the body is harmonised by adopting simple postures and concentrating on breathing.

Shi = finger, atsu = pressure. A Japanese therapeutic and relaxing massage using hand and finger pressure on acupuncture points. The treatment corrects imbalances in the flow of energy - reducing stress and renewing vitality.

Alongside mud and seaweed baths this marine-based therapy also focuses on beach walks in the healthy sea air.

Zen means gathering the mind. The path to Zen is a mystic experience with meditation at its heart - sitting deep in contemplation.

Well-beeing breaks