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Adventure, Nostalgia and Wanderlust

By the time the River Elbe - now 15 kilometres wide - sinks into the arms of the North Sea, it is the end of a long journey. The first few kilometres, after having left its "place of birth" the Czech Republic behind, the Elbe carves its way through an adventurous landscape: the bizarre Elbe Sandstone Massif. A little way downstream it leads you through gentle hills with romantic wine villages and imposing castles. Just after Dessau, you will be impressed by the green meadows at the riverbanks, which can be explored by boat. Passing through the open heathland, every now and then interrupted by enchanting villages, the Elbe leads you to the metropolis of Hamburg. When you have reached the mouth of the Elbe, you can wave to the ocean liners as they set out on the high seas and you might feel a touch of wanderlust.


Unique Combination of Nature and Culture

Each of the unique types of natural scenery at the Elbe has towns which are its local centres, full of places of interest and cultural life. Between Bad Schandau and Wittenberg you will experience the Elbe Sandstone Massif and Dresden, the City of Art. On your way from Wittenberg to Lauenburg you will be invited by the Elbe meadows and the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Wittenberg, Dessau and Wörlitz. Between Lauenburg and the mouth of the Elbe your view will be dominated by the wide distance, the shimmering highlight being the city of Hamburg. But also the tributaries of the Elbe are worth a visit: At the Saale and the Unstrut you will find features of classical music combined with exquisite wines as a speciality, and at the Havel and the Spree you will explore a breathtaking lakeland region, leading you to Germany´s capital and metropolis Berlin.

You can discover the charming landscape of North Germany and catch sight of mighty ocean-going liners along the fascinating Kiel Canal between Brunsbüttel and Kiel.

You can also explore the Elbe by cruise ship, or you can switch to a canoe or a bike: the Elbe offers numerous opportunities for you holiday activities. Ask for details at the Tourist Information Office!