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Münsterland Touristik
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The Münsterland region is well connected to the rest of Germany by rail, and Münster-Osnabrück, Dortmund and Düsseldorf airports offer connections from all over the world. The region is also readily accessible by road.

The nine holiday regions in Münsterland

  • Baumberge hills
  • Hohe Mark Area on either side of the River Ems
  • Lippe and Stever hills
  • Münster
  • Steinfurter Land
  • Tecklenburger Land
  • Warendorf
  • Westmünsterland

Münsterland - cycling traditions and moated palaces

The Münsterland on the Dutch border in north-west Germany is a region with rural, Low German charm whose attractions range from baroque palaces and manor houses to ancient country estates. This sparsely populated area of countryside, characterised by flat fields, pastures and meadows, is like a giant park, harmoniously landscaped yet offering incredible variety. The history of this lovely region stretches right back to Roman times with a number of relics from a turbulent past.
Historic town centres as far as the eye can see
The Münsterland has a wealth of romantic villages and picturesque towns, transporting visitors back to the days of a bygone era. The pretty timber-framed houses and Gothic town hall make a stroll around Werne worthwhile, while the medieval market square, Church of St. Lawrence and Franciscan abbey in the picturesque town of Warendorf will delight culture lovers.
The historic town hall in Beckum, which dates from 1441 and is now a municipal museum depicting the town's history, is well worth a visit. Other charming attractions include the Parish Church of St. Stephen and St. Sebastian with its Prudentia shrine, Westphalia's most exquisite reliquary shrine, and the museum forge at the Kolpinghaus in the heart of Beckum. A number
of other towns including Oelde, Telgte and Emsdetten also have a wealth of historical attractions to discover from all historical eras.
An astronomical wonder in Münster Cathedral
No trip to the Münsterland region would be complete without a visit to St. Paul's Cathedral in Münster, the town's famous landmark and centre of the Münster diocese since the town was founded in 805. This striking cathedral dating from the 13th century reflects various periods in the diocese's history. Inside the cathedral is an attractive astronomical clock dating from 1540- 1542 . It features a carillon and an eternal calendar that goes up to 2071, as well as a display of the moon phases and planet constellations. Other architectural highlights include the organ, church bells and Triumphal cross.
Münsterland - traditional Kiepenkerl monument
The Kiepenkerle were salesmen who travelled around the region's towns and villages, selling food and other goods to the local people. Their traditional costume included a pannier made of wood and wickerwork, a blue shirt and wooden shoes. The Kiepenkerl is the most important symbol of the Münsterland region and a key aspect of the local folklore. Enjoy a guided tour in the company of a real Kiepenkerl!
Anholt moated castle in Isselburg
The romantic moated castle is still inhabited by a royal family. Dating from the 12th century, the building was originally a fortification built to defend the possessions of the diocese of Utrecht. Large parts of the building are open to visitors, as are the gardens and museum, which provides an insight into the social life and court culture at Anholt. Visitors to the castle will be impressed by its large art collection, armoury and exquisite porcelain collection.
Tour 100 castles and palaces by bike
With its flat countryside, many themed routes and architectural gems along the way, the Münsterland region is one of Germany's most popular cycling destinations. The network consists of more than 4,000 km of well-signposted cycle trails. One of the nostalgic gems on offer is a tour of the 100 Castles and Palaces Route. Running for a total of 1,400 km, it takes you to moated palaces, castles, manor houses and country estates, passing beautifully landscaped parks and nature conservation areas along the way. Highlights include Nordkirchen, Raesfeld, Lembeck and Westerwinkel palaces, Vischering Castle and Bentheim Castle, and Münster, the unofficial cycling capital of Germany. Also well worth exploring is the historical Roman Route between Xanten and Detmold on the trail of the famous battle of Varus.
A culinary tradition of simplicity
One of the Münsterland's particular specialities is a dish called Töttchen. This sweet and sour ragout made of beef offal was originally a dish eaten by poor people served with onions and vinegar. Today, a somewhat refined version of Töttchen is served in many restaurants in the region. Instead of offal, the recipe now includes veal and calf's tongue.

Tradition and history

  • Töddenweg, an old trading route
  • Hülshoff House in Havixbeck
  • Lembeck Palace in Dorsten
  • Bentlage Abbey in Rheine
  • Darfeld Palace
  • Nordkirchen Palace
  • Gemen Castle in Borken
  • Westphalian regional museum in Münster
  • Hamaland Route
  • Velen Castle
  • Vischering Castle in Lüdinghausen
  • Rüschhaus estate in Münster-Nienberge

Hospitality and gastronomy

  • Himmel und Erde (mashed potato and apple sauce)
  • Potthast, a traditional stew dish
  • Asparagus
  • Schnapps

Romanticism and charm

  • Münster's Philosophers' Walk (lovers' lane)
  • Münster promenade and Lake Aasee
  • Bagno Park in Steinfurt
  • Educational garden in Steinfurt
  • Rose garden in Lüdinghausen
  • Moated castle in Steinfurt
  • Night of a 1.000 candles in Nordkirchen

Countryside and scenery

  • Old country estates
  • Lush farmer's gardens
  • Baroque gardens
  • Moats
  • Manor houses
  • Open-air stages
  • Wellness on the lake at Haltern am See
  • Curative thermal salt-water
  • Klatenberge hills in Telgte
  • Baumberge hills
  • Visits to the farm in Dülmen