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Places of Interest in Lower Saxony/ Saxony-Anhalt

Airlift Memorial, Fassberg, Berlin
After Berlin underwent a total blockade by the former USSR, it only took 48 hours for the British and Americans to organize an airlift which was gigantic and perfect in its scope. From June 26, 1948, Berlin was provided primarily with food, medication and coal to generate power. With proof given by original documents and exhibits, this unprecedented action from the air is held alive to the present day. Since 1999, a Douglas C 47 A Dakota aircraft - the so-called "Fassberg Flyer", which was genuinely used in the airlift, has been on display on the premises.

Technische Schule der Luftwaffe 3
Fliegerhorst Postfch 916/1
29328 Fassberg
Tel.: +49 5055 171015
Fax: +49 5055 171019


Memorial to the Division of Germany, Marienborn
The Marienborn border-crossing point, built between 1972 and 1974, was the most important one on the inner-German border. Here, security checks on travelers were an extremely thorough procedure. An extensive surveillance system impeded any attempt to escape made by GDR citizens. Visitors to the memorial can access the premises unaccompanied or visit the former functional units as part of a tour. Detailed information about the history of Marienborn is provided in the documentation center.

Gedenkstaette Deutsche Teilung Marienborn
Stiftung Gedenkstaetten Sachsen Anhalt
An der BAB 2
39365 Marienborn
Tel.: +49 39406 92090
Fax: +49 39406 92099