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Bunker Museums

Eichenthal Bunker, Lindholz
In the bunker's strategic information center, you will experience the daunting scenario of nuclear war through simulated combat. This simulation is designed to be a military-historical memorial to warn against arms races and cold war.

302 Bunkerbetriebsgesellschaft mbH
Militaerhistorisches Sonderprojekt 302
Eichenthaler Weg 7
18334 Lindholz
Tel.: +49 38320 649866
Fax: +49 38320 649867


Kap Arkona Bunker, Putgarten, Rügen
Kap Arkona's excellent position as the northernmost point of the GDR was exploited for military purposes. For this reason, two military bunkers were installed right next to the two lighthouses. The Arkona bunker originates from the era of the Wehrmacht (German Armed Forces up to 1945) and housed the 6th Border Brigade (Coast Guard) of the National People's Army (NVA) in the GDR era. A second bunker was built between 1979 and 1986. Today, educational tours through the NVA bunker include an interesting exhibition on the "History of the 6th Fleet/Bug and the GDR's Navy", former bunker equipment and a collection of photographs of the Navy.

18556 Putgarten
Website (German only)


Stasi Bunker, Leipzig
The bunker in Machern, 18 miles east of Leipzig, is the only alternative command center used by the local Stasi which has been almost 100% preserved. A special museum documents the Stasi's military activities and their missions in the "case of pressure and mobilization". Measuring 5.2 hectares, the entire heritage-protected area with all the buildings and facilities, as well as the interior of the bunkers, can be visited. Take part in a guided tour and find out how the supply systems worked, how informative contacts were established throughout the GDR and what survival strategies were developed for the Stasi in the event of a nuclear strike.

Museum im Stasi-Bunker
Luebschuetzer Teiche, Flurstueck 439
04827 Machern
Tel.: +49 341 9612443
Fax: +49 341 9612499