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Heinrich-Brüning-Strasse 9
48143 Münster

Suggested excursions

Münsterland, copyright Presseamt Stadt Münster
From traditional Pättkesfahrten (bike rides along the many cycle paths in the Münsterland region), to cycle tours of the sights in the old town or the art in the city centre, the unique ambience of Münster is best experienced "on two wheels". Münster is also at the heart of the Münsterländ park region, which includes the internationally renowned "Radelpark" cycle park and important palace gardens in the north of North Rhine-Westphalia (such as Nordkirchen Palace, known as the "Westphalian Versailles", and Vischering Castle).
Nordkirchen Palace
The largest moated palace in North Rhine-Westphalia – known as the "Westphalian Versailles" – is situated in 170 hectares of parkland in the southern part of Münsterland. The palace was built using typical regional materials such as red brick and yellow or white sandstone.
Vischering Castle
This medieval moated castle near Lüdinghausen has been completely reconstructed. The upper castle with its circular walls and former battlemented parapet is surrounded by a moat. The complex has been reconstructed in its entirety, helping to give a clear picture of how impenetrable it once was.
The traditional German word "Pättkes" is used to describe the small paths leading slightly off the beaten track in the Münsterland region that people have been using for decades. The best way to explore the region is to join the locals and go by bike. On the traditional "Pättkesfahrten" tours, visitors can cycle around the city's works of art or to the castles and palaces in the surrounding area.
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