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North Frisian islands
The jewels of the North Sea

A slower pace of life on the dikes of the North Sea

Amid the fascinating world of the Hallig islands in the Wattenmeer National Park lies the Nordstrand peninsula, which is linked to the mainland by a causeway. This quiet rural idyll is surrounded by a verdant protective dike. A relaxing holiday destination, the island is ideal for cycling tours and offers the perfect base for horse-drawn cart trips along the sea bed.

The North Frisian Hallig islands are often referred to as "dreams floating on the sea". These small marshy islands have been created as a result of the interplay of the tides and storm floods. Visitors to the islands can enjoy peace and quiet along with fascinating glimpses of a remarkable variety of flora and fauna. Of the hundreds of Hallig islands that once existed here, with their typical mounds of earth, or Warften, only ten remain. Even on the sunniest of days, you get an insight into what it's like to live in the middle of the ocean - close to the powerful forces of nature.

North Sea shrimp cutter basking in the golden twilight

Twice a day, the tide brings raw materials and food into the coastal mudflats. Nutritional sediments are deposited on the sea bed. An area of just one square metre of fertile mudflats is inhabited by millions of diatoms, thousands of small crabs and many mussels, snails and worms – that's more creatures than live in an equivalent space in the jungle!

But as with most exciting experiences, a trip into the mudflats is not without danger. Even on the most beautiful of summer's days, inexperienced visitors may be at risk from suddenly descending fog or the rapidly rising tide. You should therefore only walk across the mudflats if accompanied by an expert tour guide.

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Highlights in brief

  • Sylt
    Westerland resort, bird sanctuary, Frisian villages, places of historical interest, lighthouse
  • Föhr
    Wyk seaside health resort, traditional sea captains' houses, windmills
  • Amrum
    Wittdün seaside health resort, Frisian village of Nebel, boat trips
  • Pellworm
    Ecological projects, lighthouse, water sports
  • Nordstrand
    Spa treatment centre, national park, mudflat tours
  • Hallig islands
    Unique flora and fauna
  • All islands
    Invigorating climate, sea air free of dust and pollen, treatments for people with breathing difficulties and allergies