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Baltic Coast
Cathedrals, cottages and stately homes

The stunning bridge across the Fehmarn Belt in the Baltic Sea

Schleswig-Holstein's Baltic coast runs for 385 kilometres. It has gently shelving sandy beaches, dramatic cliffs, bays and narrow inlets cut deep into the land - Flensburg Firth, the Schlei, Eckernförde Bay, the Bay of Kiel and the Bay of Lübeck.

The Baltic island of Fehmarn lies between Kiel Firth and the Bay of Lübeck. It sits off the mainland like the dot on an "i" and is known as Schleswig-Holstein's "granary". Burg, the main town on the island, the Wallnau aquatic nature reserve and the stunning bridge across the Fehmarn Belt are three of the key sights. Fehmarn also attracts many "artists of the air", stunt kite fans practising their left turns, right turns, loop-the-loops and figures of eight. You can watch kites swooping precariously close to the ground, then zipping back up into the sky with just a few pulls on the strings. Kite flying is great fun for people of all ages - and it's not too difficult to master.

The moated palace in Glücksburg

Seaside resorts line the Baltic coast from Glücksburg in the north - the "cradle" of European royal houses, with its moated castle - to Travemünde in the south-east. Holstein's Switzerland, a picturesque nature reserve, is located between Kiel Bay and Lübeck Bay. It was formed during the last Ice Age and is a habitat for rare animals and plants. With its gentle hills and almost 200 fabulously romantic lakes, it is also a popular setting for films.

The Baltic coast also has more than a hint of romance. Around 25 stately homes, grand residences, palaces, manor houses and estates sit in splendour by the sea, on hills and on the islands. Built for kings and their loved ones, they often have parks designed for leisurely strolls. Some of them are open to visitors - beautiful illustrations of the twists, turns and intrigues of the past.

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Map of Germany

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Highlights in brief

  • Flensburg
    Most northerly town in Germany, firth

  • Schleswig
    Palace, museum village
  • Eckernförde
    Hüttener Berge nature reserve, Dänischer Wohld peninsula
  • Kiel
    Harbour, firth, navy monument
  • Grömitz
    Baltic seaside resort, seawater wave pool
  • Lübeck
    Hanseatic town, Holsten Gate, marzipan
  • Sierksdorf
    Hansa-Park theme park
  • Island of Poel
    Museum, historical links with Sweden
  • Wismar
    Hanseatic town
  • Rostock
    Hanseatic town, seaside resort, ferry terminal