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Olympiastrasse 1
26419 Schortens


Nordsee-Tourismus-Service GmbH
Zingel 5
25813 Husum

North Sea
Green dikes, white beaches

Riding and walking across the mudflats

The southern part of the North Sea coast between Emden and Cuxhaven, including the East Frisian islands, is a charming and unspoilt natural landscape. Since 1986 the mudflats along the Dutch North Sea coast have been a protected national park. With its untouched beauty, the national park draws visitors like a magnet. Its many attractions include walks through the salt marshes, swimming in the sea, walking across the mudflats, excursions to the seal banks and birdwatching in the breeding season. When the tide goes out, narrow channels open up in the mudflats, creating amazing patterns, colours, forms and structures. Whether you're here on holiday or for a health break, you can relax, experience nature at first hand and enjoy a wide range of art and culture. Along the coast, historical sea ports alternate with well-known seaside resorts. You can also learn a lot about the region and its history on the trail of local pirate Klaus Störtebeker.

Shelling prawns by hand - Photo: Tourismus Marketing Niedersachsen GmbH

A typical sight in the region are small houses with thatched roofs and colourful farmer's gardens. Here you can enjoy the North Sea's "red gold", the world's smallest shrimp, which has a sweet, nutty aroma. You can find perfect happiness by cycling along the North Sea coast. Ride with the wind at your back along the dikes, take deep breaths of fresh North Sea air and admire the amazing views. You can also cycle to lighthouses, the guardians of the coast. In days gone by, the flashing beam of light was a warning - and also a life-saver - for sailors out at sea. Even in the days of satellite navigation, lighthouses are still very impressive and conjure up all the romance of ships and seafaring.

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Map of Germany

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Highlights in brief

  • Sylt
    Westerland resort, Gulf Stream

  • Niebüll
    Car train to Sylt, Frisian museum, national park
  • Husum
    Harbour, stately home, manor house, Theodor Storm museum, museum of childhood, maritime museum
  • St. Peter-Ording
    National park, marina, "Dünentherme" North Sea wellness and pool complex, 12km of sandy beaches
  • Büsum
    Health resort, coastal mudflats, adventure pool, floodgate, museum of coastal fishing and shrimping
  • Emden
  • Greetsiel
  • Wilhelmshaven
    Naval base
  • Bremerhaven
    Seaside town, Institute for Polar and Marine Research
  • Cuxhaven
    Health resort, stately home, museums