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Dialogue Museum - a "slightly different" kind of museum

Opened in 2005, the Dialogue Museum in Frankfurt offers visitors a very special kind of sensual experience. The "Dialogue in the Dark" exhibition“ invites sighted people to find their way around in the pitch-dark world of the blind.

Discovering the invisible
Unlike other museums where there are collections on display, this is an exhibition where there is nothing to see. Visitors are invited to experience the world they know from a completely new perspective, and to discover the invisible in the "Dialogue in the Dark" exhibition. In the dark world of the museum, even a walk in the park can be transformed into an incredible adventure. Without the blind guide who walks through the darkness with remarkable ease, the visitor would be completely lost. The environment takes on a new quality – confused, impressed and thoughtful, sighted visitors learn to see things in a new way.
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The models of a Tyrannosaurus rex and a Diplodocus in front of this temple of science are clearly visible from afar. The full-size replicas bare their mighty teeth to the city. Once inside the building, visitors follow the tracks set into the floor to the kingdom of the giant lizards in a covered atrium. Highlights include an original dinosaur fossil complete with scaly skin and a preserved anaconda that is in the process of swallowing a water-hog whole. With around 1,000 specimens, the museum also has one of the world's largest exhibitions of stuffed birds. One of the main attractions of the newly designed exhibition documenting geological history and life on earth is a wheel of time, which can be used to take the earth 750 million years into the past or 250 million years into the future.
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Other natural history museums in Germany

A selection of other natural history museums in Germany.
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