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Every small town in the region is easily accessible on the excellent public transport network. Many towns and cities in Rheinhessen such as Mainz and Worms have excellent rail links. By air, the region is easily accessible via Frankfurt Rhein/Main and Frankfurt Hahn airports. The region is also 45 minutes by car from Frankfurt and just a few hours away from other cities such as Stuttgart or Cologne.

Towns and cities in Rheinhessen - fine wines and fascinating history

Situated in Rhineland-Palatinate in the south-west of Germany, Rheinhessen is the country's largest wine-making area. Surrounded by the Rhine and Nahe rivers, the region has 1,700 hours of sunshine a year, making it one of the warmest in Germany. It covers an area of 1,400 km in a triangle between Mainz, Worms and Bingen, bounded by the Rhine in the north and east, and by the Alzey hills in the west. discover famous vineyards, gently rolling hills and historical towns that have been shaped by the region's rich history and mythology from the Romans to the saga of the Nibelungs.
Schaltzentrale der Macht - die Ingelheimer Kaiserpfalz
Charlemagne, one of the most powerful men of his time, turned his imperial palace into a 'command centre' for important decisions that were to have a significant impact on the history and development of Europe. Take a journey back in time to the 8th century and discover the history of the statesman at this royal residence built in 785 AD. The imperial palace witnessed a number of significant historical events, e.g. the meeting between Emperor Friedrich I, known as Barbarossa, and Hildegard von Bingen in 1163. Beautifully preserved highlights include the Aula regia assembly hall, the single-nave church and the throne room.
Nibelung fiddlers and secret underground passages
Even the smaller towns in Rheinhessen have an impressively rich heritage. The lovely town of Alzey is associated with the legendary minstrel Volker von Alzey, the fiddler in the medieval "Song of the Nibelungs", who brought fame to this medieval town with its idyllic timber-framed houses, Renaissance town hall, fish market and remains of a Roman fort. The extensive labyrinth under the old town of Oppenheim
am Rhein, a town known for its Gothic architecture and wine, is shrouded in mystery. This underground system of cellars, which was only rediscovered a few years ago, is up to five storeys deep. In the early Middle Ages it was used to store food and beer. Other attractions in Oppenheim include St. Katharine's Church, St. Michael's Chapel, the famous ossuary and the ruins of Landskrone Castle.
International celebrities - Rheinhessen's towns and cities
Among the most well-known towns and cities in Rheinhessen are the regional capital of Rhineland-Palatinate, Mainz, with its Roman relics such as the Mater Magna temples and the festival town of Worms with its Romanesque cathedral and the oldest Jewish cemetery in Europe, which also has associations with the famous Nibelung saga. Other cultural highlights include the opportunity to experience the world of Hildegard von Bingen, one of the most famous German women from the Middle Ages who founded Rupertsberg convent in Bingen.
Alsheim - exploring hidden paths
Learn all about geological history as you walk along the narrow defiles with metre-high loess walls on either side. Over the course of centuries, mankind has left an indelible mark on this compact area, resulting in a fascinating symbiosis of flora and fauna. In particular, you'll find an incredible range of rare plants here such as hogfennel and masses of white anemones that blossom in the spring. "WINE. WIND. TRANQUILLITY." is the slogan along the six atmospheric routes running through Alsheim's remarkable network of narrow walkways for a total distance of more than 30 km.
Heavenly nectar - Rheinhessen wine specialities
Wine lovers from all over the world enjoy the famous Sylvaner, Müller-Thurgau, Riesling, Bacchus, Huxel and Scheurebe wines produced on the gently rolling, lush hills of the Rheinhessen region with its sunny climate. The light and sweet portugieser heads up Rheinhessen's small but excellent list of red wines, followed by the sophisticated pinot noir and dornfelder. The white, rosé and red sparkling wines produced in the region are well loved by wine experts and connoisseurs. Wines from Rheinhessen are the most frequently drunk wines in Germany.
Rheinhessen cuisine - culinary treats to accompany fine wine
The hearty Rheinhessen cuisine is the perfect accompaniment to the region's excellent wines, with a variety of seasonal highlights throughout the year. Asparagus from the region is a firm favourite in the spring. Other typical specialities include spundekäs (a hearty cream cheese with pretzels and radishes), woihinkelsche (the Rheinhessen version of 'coq au vin') and backesgrumbeere (a meat and potato dish). Innselling homeproduced wine are some of the most delightful places to eat, offering a variety of seasonal drinks and snacks. Many of these inns are in vaulted wine cellars, often former cow byres, which also serve as an entertainment venue all year round. Rheinhessen also has a number of award-winning gourmet restaurants.

Tradition and history

  • Imperial cathedral in Mainz
  • St. Katharine's Church in Oppenheim
  • Invention of the printing press with movable type by Johannes Gutenberg in Mainz

Hospitality and gastronomy

  • Regional speciality dippehaas (rabbit cooked in red wine)
  • Rheinhessen Wine Route with wine tasting
  • Wine festivals during the grape harvest
  • German Winegrowing Museum in Oppenheim

Romanticism and charm

  • Mainz Carnival
  • Carl Zuckmayer's play, "Der fröhliche Weinberg" ("The Merry Vineyard"), in which he immortalised his birthplace, Nackenheim
  • Panoramic views of the Rhine from the Rhine terrace near Nierstein
  • Riverboats on the Rhine

Countryside and scenery

  • Nature conservation areas along the River Rhine between Bingen and Ingelheim and in 'Rheinhessen Switzerland' with its wild herb trails