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Once upon a time...

... this is how the world-famous fairy stories begin which the Brothers Grimm collected. The mysterious landscape along the River Weser is home to many of the characters in these fairy tales, as the romantic nature and enchanting villages leading to the river`s estuary turn the Weser into a story teller. Starting in Hannoversch Münden, the German Fairy-Tale Road also follows the course of the Weser, connecting the fairytale villages with each other.

A river for the whole family

The Weser Cycle Route is one of the most popular cycle routes in Germany, especially suitable for travelling with your children as they will be delighted with all the castles, the re-enactments of fairytales and the museums on the subject of various fairy-tales. In the Weser hills you will find a fascinating landscape with gentle valleys and steeply sloping peaks, vast preserved forests, home to rare animals and plants, picturesque and colourful half-timbered towns and magnificent buildings of the Weser-Renaissance. Where the Weser flows into Northern Germany's lowland plain, the landscape takes on another, similarly beautiful character: the river flows through vast heathland and famous towns until it reaches Bremerhaven, where it finally flows into the North Sea.

Through a Land of Fairytales

The Weser´s life begins with "a kiss" in Hannoversch Münden, where the Weser´s two source rivers, the Fulda and the Werra, embrace. Between Hannoversch Münden and Minden you will meet the fairytale characters of Cinderella in Polle, Hansel and Gretel in Höxter and the Pied Piper in Hameln. And the fairytale of the Bremen Town Musicians is proof that the Weser manages to invent fantastic stories right across the heathlands of North Germany from Minden as far as Bremerhaven at the sea. And the river's tributaries Aller, Oker and Leine, joining the Weser from the Harz, tell us stories about wild witches.