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Want to know more about Germany?
Dip into our inspiring eBrochure and get your first impressions about the sheer diversity of Germany as a travel destination. The eBrochure is available in 29 different languages for Windows PC, Macintosh Computers and Linux PC.

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Further information:
You can find more information about Germany on our website at:, or on our local websites.



Local and long distance calls can be made from all post offices and public telephone booths. Telephone cards are required for most telephone booths. These are available at all post offices in denominations of five and ten euros.

Calling Codes:
 Country  Calling code
Australia 0061
Austria 0043  
Belgium 0032  
Brazil 0055  
Canada 001  
CIS 007  
Czech Republic 00420
Denmark 0045  
Finland 00358  
France 0033  
Great Britain 0044  
Hong Kong 00852  
Hungary 0036  
Israel 00972  
Italy 0039  
Japan 0081  
Korea 0082  
Luxembourg 00352  
Mexico 0052  
Netherlands 0031  
Norway 0047  
Poland 0048  
Russia 007  
South Africa 0027  
Spain 0034  
Sweden 0046  
Switzerland 0041  
South Korea 0082  
USA  001

Cell Phone Information

A common question that many travelers to Germany often ask is whether their current cell phones will work there. All of Europe, including Germany, uses the GSM standard for its telecommunication networks. The frequencies that are used to transmit the cell phone signal run on one or both the 900 and the 1800 MHz spectrums. Therefore, to be able to use your cell phone in Germany, your phone has to have the 900 and 1800 "bands." There are several ways you can tell if it has - ask your carrier, read your manual or check to see if there is a slot for a SIM chip.
If your phone does not work you can either buy or rent a cell phone. If you are a frequent traveler to Germany, it probably makes more sense to buy a German phone, whereas if you do not travel frequently, a rental is probably a better option. While there are several different cell phone rental solutions for Germany, a pay as you go option offers the same rates as Germans pay with no binding contracts. If you plan to purchase a cell phone, companies such as Cellular Abroad ( are available at cell phone stores in all major German cities. Alternatively they sell phone packages in North America and will send you the phone with English instructions prior to your departure.

Useful telephone numbers

To call the police in an emergency, dial 110. The number is the same throughout Germany and is free from public telephone booths. There are also emergency phones at railway stations, in the streets and on the autobahns.

The number to call for the fire service or an ambulance/emergency doctor is 112 throughout Germany.

Post offices

Post offices in larger towns and cities are generally open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm, and on Saturdays until midday. At larger railway stations and airports they often stay open for longer and also open on Sundays.

Postage for a standard letter (up to 20g) is €0.55, for postcards €0.45.