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International extranets in German

All other countries:
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Is it the ground that's shaking or just my legs?

"I'm supposed to climb up there? Is it the ground that's shaking or just my legs?" "Come on, take my hand. I'll help you and we'll get through this together." The more you work as a team, the easier it will be. Work as one to surpass your limits and let these bonding experiences bring you closer together. 8 to 10 metres above the ground are "circuits" around the course that provide a series of challenges, known as "partner exercises", in which two participants have to help and look after each other.
These activities are complemented by team exercises, which can only be completed with good coordination and mutual trust between participants.
A definite highlight is the Pamper Pole challenge, where a team works together to secure one person, who has to climb an 8 metre high tree trunk and then make a "leap of faith". The giant swing is also lots of fun and is without doubt the most popular attraction on the course.
An exhilarating ride on the 70m long rope slide is the perfect way to end your day - though it might feel odd to have solid ground beneath your feet again. All of the exercises in and around the high ropes course are overseen by specially trained and certified safety guides. Usually every participant is well-looked after by their own team (friends and colleagues) - but as a precaution the safety guides are present during all exercises.
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