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Want to know more about Germany?
Dip into our inspiring eBrochure and get your first impressions about the sheer diversity of Germany as a travel destination. The eBrochure is available in 29 different languages for Windows PC, Macintosh Computers and Linux PC.

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"Trabi" - Trabant Car - Tours

Trabi Safari and Trabi Exam
Start your Trabi safari driving through a region with one of the most diverse cultural history. Before you go, participate in the Trabi Exam in which each driver receives technical instructions on how to drive a Trabant car. Fuel tap, transmission - and remember, the turn signals do not switch off automatically. After the briefing it is time to practice driving, because before you are let out into the wild, the skills of the driver and passenger are put to the test. Be it over cobblestones or cross-country, an attractive course has been chosen to test your driving abilities. After crossing the finish line, the award ceremony takes place. Once you got accustomed to the Trabi, you are ready to tour the region by yourself on a Trabi Safari.
Information: $29.90 per person for Trabi Exam and $247 per car for the Trabi Safari including organization and provision of cars and insurance, briefing, maps and informational material, technical supervision, award ceremony and souvenir.

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On the Trail of the GDR
Experience Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in a "Trabi" - along avenues, from farmhouse to farmhouse, through the Mecklenburg Lake District with more than 1,000 lakes or along the Baltic Sea coast. For the real GDR feeling, interim stops at museums and documentation centers are available. Traces of the GDR can be found in the entire area including border facilities and barbed wire.

Liepener Strasse 4
17194 Hohen Wangelin
Tel.: +49 39933 73869
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20 Jahre Fall der Berliner Mauer: Kurzchronik

20 Jahre Fall der Berliner Mauer: Kurzchronik