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Live like a prince - as a guest at Castles and Palaces

Several hundred years ago castles and palaces were the power centers of their regions. They gathered everything inside their walls which had political and cultural significance. Here lived rulers and their retinues and artists and scholars. The former symbols of power were also concentrated here - impressive architecture, ostentatious furnishings and extravagant lifestyle.

You can still even now detect the magic of bygone times particularly strongly in the incomparable atmosphere of selected castle and palace hotels. Youth hostels in castles and palaces also have their attractions.

These are carefully restored structural monuments with extensive authentic features, but additionally provided with all modern conviences. They invite you to spend a night under a king's roof, spend your days like a prince, marry romantically, celebrate in style or recover in fairytale surroundings. Since each of these manorial residences has its own image and atmosphere, you can travel from castle to castle and from palace to palace and in this way acquire a unique collection of unforgettable impressions.

The possibilities for arranging your personal castle experience are endless. But everywhere you will find the same basic atmosphere, made up of a harmonious trio of magnificent landscape, Romanticism and approaching intimate hospitality.

The word hectic does not exist here. Here you allow more time for everything, in order to let the faint trace of bygone times touch the soul, in order to rejoice over art treasures, to enjoy good wine and to let yourself be pampered in the excellent restaurants.

Those interested can also find addresses with more to offer than just rococo theatre, historical castle chamber music and authentic palace gardens, but indoor swimming pools, sauna, solarium, fitness centers, bowling alleys and the 18-hole golf course. These sights hold an incomparable fascination, deeply rooted as they are in the region and its history. The countryside and its produce leave their mark on cuisine and cellar, and the halls, turrets and arcades tell the tales of ancestors' deeds. You have never sensed history quite like this.