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Bavarian Forest
Let's raise a glass to the Bavarian Forest

Regensburg with bridge over the Danube

Archaeological finds show that Celts and Romans once settled here. Later on, knights, dukes and princes left behind their castles, some of which remain intact, and other buildings that are now reduced to ruins, to be found on the Jurakuppe elevation. Major trade routes such as the "Golden Road", the old Danube-Main canal built under Ludwig I and the Danube itself provided trading links and prosperity for the region. Traces of this golden era can be found in the towns and cities and in many castles and monasteries of the region. These often serve as a backdrop for festivals, musical and other cultural events.

You don't have to be a gold-digger to strike it lucky in the Bavarian Forest. If you want to relax, where better to unwind than in the wooded uplands of the Bavarian Forest? Mist may be covering the valleys, but the hills are glittering in the sunlight. Winter magic and fun in the snow – the Bavarian Forest will show you the best aspects of winter.

Field of sunflowers with church

The Arberland area of the Forest is one of Germany's most snowsure. Many people have discovered the Arberland's secrets: they use snow shoes or short Nordic Cruising skis in winter, or go Nordic walking in summer, to explore the hidden corners of the Arber plateau. During the area's short spring, nature explodes into life, bringing forth many amazing botanical rarities. In the summer, the vast expanses of forest and the many natural pools and waterways provide shade and a refreshing dip. In the autumn, when the forest glows with colour, warm sunlight and clear views invite you to enjoy this upland forest landscape to the full.

The Bavarian Forest is a health-giving fountain full of small miracles and an amazing natural diversity. Attune your senses, wind down and enjoy the area's charms. Pure relaxation is on offer here for all tastes and budgets, and that means perfect days for anyone who enjoys nature, discovery and the simple pleasures in life.

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Map of Germany

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Highlights in brief

  • Bodenmais
    Glass blowing, Silberberg historical visitor mine
  • Cham
    Ruin of Cameregg Castle, museums
  • Frauenau
    Glass museum
  • Freyung
    Wolfstein Castle, fisheries museum
  • Furth im Wald
    "Dragon slaying" town, museum of crafts and trades
  • Grafenau
    Museum of snuff, spital church
  • Regen
    Ruin of Weissenstein Castle, Bavarian Forest Nativity Scene
  • Sankt Oswald
    Centre of glassmaking, "Klosterallee", museum
  • Waldkirchen
    Climatic health resort, Church of St Peter & St Paul, museum
  • Zwiesel
    Along the river Regen, Nepomuk Church, forest museum