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Other brewery museums in Germany

A selection of other brewery museums in Germany.
Beck's Brewery, Bremen
On the banks of the River Weser in the heart of the Hanseatic city of Bremen, visitors can enjoy a guided brewery tour to learn all about the Beck's and Haake Beck beer brewed here since 1879. A wealth of interesting information is provided about the fine art of brewing beer, from its origins through to the present day. The tour takes you through the museum, raw materials store and brewing room, past malt silos and fermentation and storage tanks. Learn all about the German Beer Purity Law, the different types of beer, top and bottom-fermented beer, how beer is stored and much more besides. The tour also includes two short films and presentations in the museum's cinema. Afterwards, visitors can sample some of the beer produced on site. Closed on Sundays and public holidays.
Bavarian Brewery Museum, Kulmbach
Beer brewing and 'sampling' under one roof – that is what awaits you at the museum (opened in 1994) in part of the historical buildings housing Kulmbach's monastery brewery. There is a fascinating and informative exhibition about all aspects of beer, with professionally presented displays covering approx. 3,000m². An entertaining tour through a small reproduction brewery takes visitors back to the world of brewing at the turn of the 19th century. Original documents, photos and exhibits from all over Bavaria are on display, along with a multivision show that tells visitors about beer brewing in a computer-controlled high-tech company. At the heart of the museum is the "glass brewery" with its gleaming copper "kettles", where you can watch the master brewer at work on brewing days before sampling the finished product for yourself. Closed on Mondays, guided tours on Mondays or in the evening available on request.
Felsenkeller Brewery Museum, Monschau
The only museum of its kind in the Eifel region, housed in the historical Monschau brewery, the Felsenkeller Brewery Museum presents more than 150 years of brewing history. The traditional brewery displays a collection of historical brewing equipment and a range of other exhibits including an extensive collection of beer bottles and cans from around the world, the cooperage, and photos and documents covering 150 years of beer-making tradition. On a guided tour of the brewing room, fermentation room and storage cellar, the master brewer lets visitors into the secrets of beer brewing and the different types of beer. One of the special attractions is a tour of the Felsenkeller - underground chambers blasted out of the slate rock in 1830. Closed on Mondays, only open Saturdays & Sundays from November to Easter, tours for groups available all year round on request.
Andechs Abbey brewery
The tradition of monastic brewing is still very much alive in Andechs. Beer has been brewed here since the Middle Ages, a fact chronicled when the Wittelsbach Duke Albrecht III founded the Benedictine abbey on Mount Andechs in 1455. Although Andechs beer is now produced using state-of-the-art technology, it is still based on traditional recipes that are continually updated and refined. An interesting guided tour of the abbey brewery takes you on a journey into the world of beer brewing, bringing the history of brewing to life and providing information about the basic ingredients and the brewing process, as well as the German Beer Purity Law. A visit to the brewing room, fermentation room and storage cellar, and the filtration, bottling and distribution plants gives a further insight into the beer industry. Guided tours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from May to October.
Erdinger Weissbräu brewery, Munich
At the world's largest wheat beer brewery, tradition and progress go hand in hand. The beer is brewed according to traditional recipes, using state-of-the-art production processes. Today, beer connoisseurs around the world regard this traditional speciality beer from Erding in Bavaria, whose origins date back to 1886, as the ultimate in wheat beer enjoyment. The brewery tours are extremely popular with wheat beer enthusiasts. This informative and highly entertaining journey through the world of wheat beer will guide you through all the steps - from the natural ingredients to the finished product: raw materials, brewing process in the brewhouse, fermentation and filtration cellars, high-tech bottling plant, maturing process in our computer-controlled warehouse, loading and shipping around the world. Multilingual videos and tours are also available.
Weltenburg Abbey brewery
The Benedictine abbey in Weltenburg, dating from the beginning of the 7th century, is the oldest abbey in Bavaria. Within these historical walls, the monks have been brewing beer according to the Benedictine tradition since 1050. "Weltenburger Klosterbier" is extremely popular as it is brewed in strict accordance with the German Beer Purity Law. The visitors' centre is situated in the historical underground rock chamber. In addition to the exhibition on the history of Weltenburg here, a brewery film tells visitors all there is to know about the history of beer brewing in Weltenburg dating back almost 1,000 years. Another film provides information about the life of the monks. You can also find out about the origins of the award-winning "Weltenburger Kloster Barock Dunkel" beer and discover why this top-fermented wheat beer is gaining in popularity. Guided tours on Friday/Saturday/Sunday from Easter to October.
Saxon Brewery Museum, Rechenberg
One of the oldest breweries still producing beer in Saxony, the Saxon Brewery Museum in Rechenberg takes visitors on a journey through the world of beer in the Erzgebirge mountains nature reserve. Set within completely preserved historical buildings overlooked by a hilltop castle, the impressive museum offers a remarkable insight into the brewery's almost 450-year history and the entire traditional brewing process - from the raw materials to the tasty finished product, covering everything from the brewing room dating from 1780 to the underground vaulted cellars and the complete and fully functioning brewery equipment. On a guided tour of the museum brewery, visitors can sample the beer in the magnificent cross-vaulted cellar of the Old Malthouse. Closed on Mondays.
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