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Aachen Cathedral Treasury - Church Treasuries

Aachen Cathedral is of universal importance in terms of art and cultural history. The cathedral treasury, one of the most famous in Europe, owes its pre-eminent status mainly to the fact that more than 30 German kings were crowned there over a period of 600 years (936-1531).

A masterpiece of European architecture
In 1978 Aachen Cathedral – the site of Charlemagne's coronation - and the cathedral treasury with its sacred works of art were designated a UNESCO world cultural heritage site. In 1995 the cathedral treasury was completely redesigned and brought up to date with developments in conservation and museum education. One of the most important church treasuries in Europe is now presented in a prestigious setting more appropriate for the priceless exhibits and also for the large numbers of visitors. The permanent exhibition is divided into five thematic areas: the cathedral as Charlemagne's church, as a coronation site, as the Church of St. Mary, the liturgy at Aachen Cathedral, the reliquaries and the pilgrimage to Aachen.
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The cathedral treasury presents more than 100 remarkable sacred treasures from the late Classical, Carolingian, Ottonian, Hohenstaufen and Gothic eras in an exhibition space of over 600 m² (a series of rooms on several levels). Among the outstanding works of art are a richly decorated ivory situla and the jewel-studded Cross of Lothair, the partly gilded bust of Charlemagne, the Charlemagne skull relic and the Charlemagne reliquary (14th century), and the three tower reliquary with its intricate baldachin design. Many of the exhibits were donated by kings or were made for the coronation ceremony. Others illustrate the importance of the cathedral as Charlemagne's burial site and as a pilgrimage church.
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