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52062 Aachen

Health Resorts & Spas in Germany


The hottest thermal springs north of the Alps

Aachen should really be known as Bad Aachen, as it is a spa city where thermal springs of curative water have welled up from the ground since time immemorial. The hot mineral water containing sodium chloride and hydrogen carbonate as well as sulphur or fluoride is particularly suitable for bathing in and drinking as a health treatment. The temperature of the water in the sulphurous springs, of which there are more than 30, can reach 74°C. It contains a high proportion of minerals and trace elements and has been used for centuries to pamper both body and mind. Treatments are available for the following conditions: musculo-skeletal illnesses, rheumatic diseases, gynaecological conditions, skin complaints, psychosomatic fatigue, general weakness and convalescence.
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Medical facilities

Formerly a centre of imperial power, Aachen owes its reputation as a spa resort to its springs, the hottest in central Europe which were used by both the Romans and later rulers. Nowadays, the spring water is put to good use in ultra-modern healthcare facilities in the Aachen-Burtscheid district where there are three rehabilitation and spa clinics.
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