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Weser Marshes Route
Linking the river Weser and Jadebusen Bay

Cyclists on a path near a stream with swans

The best way to explore the region is by bike, it is perfect for cyclists and walkers. Cyclists who would rather not be completely worn out after a lengthy tour would be well advised to cycle from west to east. As the sea breeze usually blows from a westerly direction, it is a good idea to use the tail wind to advantage. If the wind really is too strong, simply get off your bike and take a break. Horse riding enthusiasts, inline skaters and watersports fans have come to exactly the right place. Along the Marshes Route a farmhouse where visitors can buy dairy products produced on the farm is known as a Melkhus. The farmer's wife will welcome you in for a rest, a refreshing glass of milk, a milkshake or a regional speciality to set you up before you jump on your bike and continue your journey. These typical Friesland farms, mainly involved in dairy farming and horse breeding are especially popular with families with children.

Lighthouse at sunset

Virtually every child loves observing animals from close quarters and finding out which hen lays the biggest eggs, how much milk one cow produces and which pony's nose is the softest. Another popular activity is a walk with an expert guide exploring the mudflats of the Lower Saxony Wattenmeer National Park when the tide is right out. You walk barefoot through the mud, feel the ripples in the seabed formed by waves and wade through narrow tideways. There's always plenty to see, because the mudflats are full of tiny creatures such as worms, crabs, shellfish etc. that attract flocks of sea birds. Visitors can go by boat to see the seal colonies or view the lighthouses. There is a real feeling of being free and getting away from it all here, where dreams become reality. As the day draws to a close, you can enjoy local delicacies such as freshly caught shrimps, smoked eel, delicious salt-marsh lamb or beef, accompanied by a glass of wine or beer all with a magnificent sunset as a backdrop.

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Map of Germany

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Basic information

  • Length
  • Themes
    Rural route along the waterways

Highlights in brief

  • North Sea resort of Burhave
    children's play barn, campsite
  • Fedderwardersiel
    fishing port, national park visitors' centre
  • North Sea resort of Tossens
    Center Parcs, subtropical swimming pool complex
  • Ruhwarden
    art gallery, gardens, farms
  • Eckwarden
    windsurfing, kite surfing, swimming
  • Glüsing
    stork watching
  • Town of Brake
    Maritime Museum
  • Jade district
    "floating peat bog"
  • Lemwerder district
    Ochtum floodgate, black lighthouse
  • Nordenham
    Moorser Mill museum