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Research & Travel

Americans of German descent are tracing their family roots. Many archives exist - passenger lists, travel documents, birth and marriage certificates - but many people don't know where to start. Now there is a solution: Routes to the Roots. Started as a research project at the Center for U.S. Immigration at the University of Oldenburg, Routes is now a privately-run institution under the leadership of Dr. Wolfgang Grams. Take advantage of their expertise, a truly unique and wonderful opportunity to explore your families' history!

Your Personal Itinerary

What makes Routes to the Roots truly unique what they call "Your Personal Itinerary," a combination of pre-travel research and planning to tailor your trip specifically for you. After you provide information or documents about the possible origin of your family, Routes plans your trip for you. This allows you to travel on your own and find your way to the places, records and people you want to see.

Based on a rate of $30 per hour, the overall cost is usually between $200 and $300.

Research, Consultations and... a Chauffeur?

Sure, it is possible to do all the research and travel planning on your own. And yes, you can even book your travel arrangements and accomodations by yourself, too. But Routes to the Roots can do it all, from research to accomodations to transportation - and at such fantastic prices for their expert assistance, why not leave the details to someone else? Routes to the Roots offers the full service of an incoming tour operator.
Routes to the Roots carries out research in archival holdings to locate places of origin of emigrants and to provide documents or other relevant information. Based upon what information you seek, Routes can give you a quote and a description of the work they can do for you. Based on an hourly fee of $30, routine inquiries cost between $60 and $300. You can even set a price limit if you wish.
Research on emigration requires expertise and  can be very time-consuming; this can generate costs that may no longer be reasonable. For that reason - not to mention that it can be not only interesting but personally rewarding - you may want to do the research on your own. Routes to the Roots can provide the relevant information - descriptions of archives and holdings that might be promising for your purposes - and give advice on research strategies. Costs for a consultation are usually $30 to $100.

After you have your itinerary in hand, Routes to the Roots can provide you with a private driver/ guide in an air-conditioned car, station wagon or minivan. Your English-speaking guide is educated and experienced in the field, and will personally guide you on your trip. The average cost is $210 per day, including the car, gas, the guide's overnight and travel expenses (based on a Frankfurt departure/ arrival), accomodation in first-class tourist hotels (double occupancy), and full breakfast and dinner daily.

Contact Information

For complete information, please contact:
Routes to the Roots
Babenend 127
D26127 Oldenburg, Germany
Phone: (011 49) 441 962 0433
Fax: (011 49) 441 962 0434

German Roots from Nonstop Travel

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Nonstop Travel is proud to present German Roots, the newest and very best "Back to your Roots " tour specialists. Nearly 1 in 4 Americans is of German descent, and now with German Roots you have the perfect partner to plan every aspect of your special journey into your family's past: from city packages to personal itineraries, step back in time with German Roots.

Map of Germany

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