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Spa treatments in Germany

Experience spa treatments in Germany and indulge in everything that does you good.

Find out the secrets to relaxation and well-being and select one of the luxurious German spa treatments!


Check out the variety of German spa treatments below that can help relax and rejuvenate you:

Algae and Mud Packs
These German spa treatments are rich in minerals and trace elements and can be administered in the form of full-body baths or specific applications. During contact with the skin under the influence of heat, these nourish the skin and draw out impurities and toxins.

Aromatherapy Baths
Essential oils can have an effect on your mood. Bergamot, basil or jasmine are ideal for lifting the spirits. Cypress or sandalwood can help reduce anxiety and rose increases your sensuality. The oils should be added to the bath at the last moment, as they evaporate quickly.

The Indian science of long life is said to have been around for 8,000 years. It is a complete health system based on colours, breathing and essential oils.

Reflexology Massage
All the areas of the body can be assigned to pressure points on the soles of the feet. If an organ is not functioning properly, this is apparent on the corresponding area of the foot. This spa treatment in Germany uses a special reflexology massage that can detect and alleviate disorders.

Hydrotherapy Massage Bath
Underwater jets are used to create waves which move up the whole of the body from the feet to the neck. The effect is both revitalising and relaxing.

More Spa Treatments in Germany:

Liquid Sound Therapy
This colorful German spa treatment combines music, from classical to electronic, and kaleidoscopes of color above and under the water. Floating in a salt-water thermal bath heated to body temperature you can relax whilst experiencing the unusual underwater acoustics.

Lymphatic Drainage
Gentle and regular manual pressure stimulates the lymphatic system and, with regular use, can help you to achieve a better figure.

Jet Massage
Standing in an upright position, the body is sprayed with high-pressure water jets in the direction of the blood flow. This spa treatment in Germany stimulates the circulation and reduces undesirable curves. Carried out with low-pressure jets, it can have a relaxing and calming effect.

Thalasso Therapy
"Thalassa" is the Greek word for the sea and is the name of a German spa treatment that uses the healing elements of the sea: sea air, seawater and sea mud.

A redemption system based on meditation and asceticism developed from an ancient Indian philosophy and Buddhism. The yoga system consists of concentration, breathing and relaxation exercises and a special diet with the aim of achieving complete control over the body.

The Japanese name for a Buddhist sect whose followers seek enlightenment in this life and endeavor to achieve this through a lifestyle based on meditation and practical exercises.

Make spa treatments in Germany part of your trip!

German spa treatments are the perfect way to let your mind, body, and soul relax and simply feel revitalized. Wherever you go to get your spa treatment in Germany, it's important to start Planning Your Trip today. Just use any of the links above to get started and discover more reasons to come to Germany!