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Want to know more about Germany?
Dip into our inspiring eBrochure and get your first impressions about the sheer diversity of Germany as a travel destination. The eBrochure is available in 32 languages.


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German Inventions

Mercedes-Benz Museum Stuttgart; copyright: Stuttgart Marketing GmbH
Everyone knows that beer was invented in Germany.  Maybe it was a natural step from there to invent the Airbag, Aspirin and Toothpaste as well - yes, they were all invented in Germany.  And did you know that the computer is from there, the television, and X-Ray technology? Not bad, huh. But they didn't stop at things - The theory of relativity and social legislation came out of Germany as well.  Brush up on your knowledge of inventions here and see an extensive list of inventions.

German Brands

NIVEA advertisement 1975 - Beiersdorf AG
Did you know your pair of Adidas is a German brand?  What about your T-Mobile cell phone? Yep, German.  Even something so seemingly American as Levi's Blue Jeans  - a brand that originated in Germany along with many other fashion-related brands. Click her for a list of brands.


German cuisine has a lot more to offer than chocolate cake, and we'll show you some of the best dishes and give you their recipes too - so don't just look at the pictures but try these delicacies for yourself if you haven't already.  In case you are not feeling close to Germany yet, our recipes will take you there.

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