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Things To Do In Germany

Looking for things to do in Germany? Look no further. Here you'll find information on some of the most exciting things the country has to offer, from river cruising and spa experiences to many other recreational activities. Read about all the wonderful things to do in Germany below!

River Cruising

Stolzenfels Castle close to Koblenz, Germany; Fotograf: Messerschmidt, Joachim
Germany's scenic rivers include the Rhine, Moselle, Danube and Elbe to name just a few. Visitors can take to the water for a few hours, several days or a couple of weeks on board Germany's river cruising boats, which stop off at historical towns and cities, old castles and vineyards and spectacular viewpoints. The annual "Rhine in Flames" event takes place along the Middle Rhine River Valley each summer where spectacular firework displays light up the night sky.

Spa Experiences

Great Spa Hall, Carolus Thermen, Aachen, Germany
German spas and their natural thermal springs have long been known for their curative powers. Spagoers can not only relax in heated waters and enjoy fresh alpine air at picturesque health resorts, but can also choose from a wide range of hydrotherapy baths, massages and unusual salt and mud treatments at luxurious spa hotels. With over 350 health and spa resorts, as well as numerous hotels and holiday centers your well-being is the top priority.

Trace Your Ancestors

Trace Your Ancestors
Over 42.5 million Americans have German heritage. If you are one of them and keen to find out more about your ancestors then we can help. Our brochure "Discover German Originality" is a great place to start. It gives detailed information to help you find out more about your ancestors before they left the German ports for the United States. Or check our website below for more information and further links.

Try a German Wurst - Sausage

Frankfurter Sausages and Apple Wine, Frankfurt, Germany
Sausages are synonymous with Germany with each region having its own specialty. In Bavaria a white sausage is served with sweet mustard; Berliners love a curry sausage - thinly sliced, covered in ketchup and dusted with curry powder whilst locals in Thuringen swear by the Thuringer Rotwurst (red sausage). Wherever you go be sure to try the local speciality, the best sausages are served with a crusty bread roll from small mobile stands in the market squares. Guten Appetit!

Night out on the Reeperbahn, Hamburg

Hamburg: Night out on the Reeperbahn. Copyright: Hamburg Tourist Office
The Reeperbahn in Hamburg's St Pauli district is one of Europe's most famed nightlife areas. This buzzing entertainment area full of clubs, bars and theaters was where the Beatles played in their early days and got their first break. If you are looking for some fun into the early hours, look to the Reeperbahn as one of the exciting things to do in Germany.

Buy a Cuckoo Clock

Cookoo Clock, Black Forest, Germany
The Black Forest cuckoo clock is typically German. Since they were first made in the 18th century, millions of these clocks have been sold all over the world. The clock is named after the little bird that pops out every hour and sings at the top of its voice. These beautiful, hand-crafted clocks can be bought in towns and cities throughout the Black Forest region, and if you want to see the world's largest cuckoo clock, the small town of Schönach is the place to visit.

Ski the Zugspitze

The Zugspitze and Waxenstein Mountain, Bavaria, Germany
The Zugspitze in southern Bavaria is Germany's highest mountain standing at 10,000 feet tall. Easily accessible by cable car or funicular the panoramic views of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy from the top are truly impressive. In summer the ski runs become hiking trails making this a year round destination and another of many fantastic things to do in Germany.

'Gallery Hopping' in Leipzig

Neo Rauch, Exhibition at Gallery Eigen & Art , Leipzig, Germany
Dürer and Beuys, Cranach and Nolde, Caspar David Friedrich and Neo Rauch - all the great names in the fine arts have their place in Germany. Discover Leipzig's Spinnerei (a former cotton mill) where more than 80 artists of the famous New Leipzig School work and dozens of internationally respected galleries can be visited.  

Wine Festivals

Hochheim: Konzert des Rheingau Musik Festivals im Staatsweingut
Germany has around 1,250 wine festivals each year. Village squares, vineyards, ancient castles or city streets are the setting for these lively events where locals and visitors alike come together to celebrate the harvest of the grapes. Most festivals take place in the Fall; some 500 festivals take place in the towns along the Rhine, particularly in the Rheingau region, while a further 300 take place along the Moselle. There are further festivals along the Main and Neckar rivers.

Follow in the Footsteps of Pope Benedict XVI

Altoetting, Germany
On April 16, 2021 Josef Ratzinger was born in the small, contemplative Bavarian town of Marktl am Inn and on April 19, 2005, Ratzinger became the Pope Benedict XVI and head of the Catholic Church. Follow in the footsteps of the current Pope along the 'Benedict Trail' through historical towns, past idyllic farm yards, to churches and cloisters with masterful works of art. The starting and end point of the tour is the "Papal Linden Tree" planted by Pope John Paul II in the pilgrim town of Altoetting.

Don't Miss Exciting Things To Do In Germany!

From scenic river cruising and spa experiences to wine festivals and cuckoo clocks, you will never run out of exciting things to do in Germany. Learn more about what you can do simply by clicking on the links below each description above an begin Planning Your Trip with fun-filled activities today!

Map of Germany

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