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Eifel Tourismus (ET) GmbH
Kölner Strasse 13
53902 Bad Münstereifel

Eifel and Ahr
Maars, mineral springs and motor sports

Pyrmont Castle with a small waterfall in the Eltzbach valley in the Eifel

In snowy winters, the Eifel, with its thousand natural wonders, offers healthy winter sports. The Effelsberg radio telescope, with a range of 12 to 15 billion light years, is the largest in the world and is used for astronomic research. Scientists from around the globe can use the telescope to locate and observe any object they seek in a very short time. The radio telescope's viewing platform is accessible at all times. The pump storage station in Vianden and, last but not least, the famous Nürburgring race track are also modern sights well worth seeing.

Winegrower in his vineyard during the red grape harvest

It may be hard to believe, but it's true: a mediterranean climate provides optimal conditions for the grapes grown in the beautiful Ahr Valley, Germany's largest continuous red wine producing area, even though it is the most northerly. One of Germany's finest red wine grapes, the Ahrburgunder, grows here.

The Romans were also aware of the Ahr valley's potential as a wine-growing region. They settled in the small, wild and romantic valley between the Eifel and the Rhine and planted the first grape vines, making the north of Rhineland-Palatinate into a treasure trove. Today's growers cite "quality not quantity" as their philosophy. Magnificent tours through the vineyard terraces offer not only great views but also provide an insight into one of Germany's best-known red wine areas.

The Eifel is a place walkers and cyclists alike can really enjoy. And a motorbike tour of the Eifel holds plenty of excitement on the many steep and winding roads. Well, let's get going then!

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Highlights in brief

  • Eifel National Park
    110 km2 of nature conservation area, Rur reservoir with boat services
  • Bad Münstereifel
    historical townscape with picturesque half-timbered buildings
  • Gerolstein
    Carbonated springs, "Gerolstein Dolomites“ cliffs - the town's landmark
  • Daun
    Daun maars, Eifel volcano museum
  • Altenahr
    Ahr Valley, red wine cultivation
  • Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler
  • Manderscheid
    Upper and lower castle, maar museum, historical castle festival
  • Kyllburg
    Malberg Castle, St. Thomas Cistercian Abbey
  • Ferschweiler Plateau
    Teufelsschlucht nature discovery centre, GaytalPark environmental discovery centre
  • Bitburg
    Brewery, reservoir