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Dachau concentration camp memorial site - Memorial sites for the victims of Nazism

Dachau concentration camp memorial site, which opened as a place of political education in summer 1965, is also a cemetery for more than 30,000 murdered prisoners. It provides information about the history of the former concentration camp and addresses the horrors of the Nazi regime.

Remembrance and commemoration at the historical site
Dachau concentration camp was one of the first to be built in the Third Reich. Two months after Adolf Hitler was elected Chancellor, the first concentration camp was opened in Dachau. It was operational from March 1933 to April 1945. Dachau served as a model and prototype for other concentration camps. It was also a training centre where thousands of SS recruits were trained for a regime involving the torture, the humiliation and the murder of prisoners. Today Dachau is a site of remembrance for the victims and also a highly significant place of political and ethical education.
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The memorial site encompasses the former prison camp and the camp crematoria. In addition to the documentary exhibition in the former service building, visitors can see the camp prison (bunker), the two crematoria and a reconstructed prison barracks. The comprehensive archive and the outstanding library containing 14,000 volumes include eyewitness reports by prisoners who survived, papers about the camp's development and operation, documents from post-war trials and papers of the International Prisoner Committee. A computerised prisoner register contains information about almost 90% of the over 200,000 prisoners held at Dachau concentration camp. There are also materials about the history of the camp since 1945.
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Other memorial sites for the victims of Nazism in Germany

A selection of other memorial sites for the victims of Nazism in Germany
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