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Museum of Medical History - Human Medicine/Pharmacy

The Museum of Medical History in Berlin reopened in 1998 as part of the Berlin Charité Universitätsmedizin medical school. Famous for its pathological and anatomical collection, it vividly documents the advancements of medicine over the last four centuries.

Special collections from the world of medicine
Originally the Pathological Museum opened by Rudolf Virchow (1821-1902), it now houses a number of special collections from the most diverse fields of medicine. Virchow's objective was to document every disease known at the time along with a typical remedy, and to explain the typical progression of the disease, as proven by several organ studies. The museum holds temporary exhibitions, each focusing on different aspects of medicine and the history of medicine, and gives information about past and current diseases. It portrays the relationships between medicine and art, pathology and ancient mythology, but also explains the key links between medicine and industry.
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The permanent exhibition centres on the collection of the Berlin pathologist Rudolf Virchow, and is a legacy to his committed academic life. In addition to valuable books and microscopes, there are around 1,000 extremely precious and rare pathological and anatomical wet and dry preparations, all shown in historical display cases. Visitors can also see medical instruments, models and graphics from the history of ophthalmology, urology and dentistry. The spectrum of exhibits ranges from the oldest discipline of medicine, from anatomy to heart surgery and features state-of-the-art developments such as genetic engineering and molecular pathology.
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Other human medicine and pharmacy museums in Germany

A selection of other human medicine and pharmacy museums in Germany.
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