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German Gemstone Route
Brühlstr. 16
55756 Herrstein

German Gemstone Route
A "high-carat" tour of scintillating gems

Part of the gemstone mine open to visitors

The Hunsrück-Nahe region, home to some of the most beautiful highland scenery in Germany, boasts a unique and fascinating "treasure trove": the German Germstone Route. Away from all the hustle and bustle, two circular routes (including a cycle trail) run for approx. 48 km, linking all the places around Idar-Oberstein associated with the gemstone industry. This area is one of the world's gemstone and jewellery centres and visitors will find themselves immersed in a world of glittering treasure and enthralled by every aspect of precious stones. Almost everywhere you look something sparkles and shines. Visitors are welcome at more than sixty traditional and modern gemstone cutting works and, without obligation, may watch craftsmen at work to discover a few secrets about cutting precious stones and designing jewellery.

Gemstone gyroscope above the fountain

Two well-preserved agate cutting works along the route retrace the history of local gemstone cutting, which goes right back to when rich mineral deposits - mined since the Middle Ages - were first discovered in the area. Today, it is still possible for visitors to go prospecting for their own shiny stones in the Steinkaulenberg mine, which is probably the largest agate mine in Europe. As well as agate, you can see rock crystal, amethyst, smoky quartz, calcite and other minerals in the visitor tunnel. There are courses in gemstone cutting, gold work and engraving, to enable anyone interested in designing their own jewellery to create a decorative piece from a raw stone, or in gold or silver - or perhaps to learn the art of jewellery design.

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Basic information

  • Length
  • Themes
    Things to see & do, nature, culture, gemstones, jewellery and minerals

Highlights in brief

  • Fischbach
    Historical copper mine
  • Idar-Oberstein
    Gemstone Museum, diamond/precious stones exchange, Church of the Rock
  • Kempfeld
    Gemstone Garden
  • Allenbach
    Mill, lake and nature trail
  • Herrstein
    Quaint town centre, local history museum
  • Asbacher Hütte
    Water-powered grinding shop, history trail, model railway exhibition
  • Wildenburg
    Game park
  • Steinkaulenberg
    Gemstone mine with prospecting tunnels
  • Bundenbach
    Herrenberg slate mine and fossil museum
  • Veitsrodt
    "Stone guestbook"