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Castle Road
Step back in time to the glorious past

Castle at sunset

Lining the Castle Road like a string of glittering pearls are around 70 impressive monuments to the past - castles, castle ruins, palaces and stately homes. With such a variety of medieval towns, abbeys, historical sacred and secular architecture and innumerable cultural treasures along the route, every Castle Road tour is bound to be a very special experience. Many of the castles and palaces are steeped in legend. Sagas, myths and fairy tales abound and are a constant source of inspiration. Cyclists will be pleased to know that the route is also a designated cycle trail. Touring along this route is a real pleasure. There are comfortable places to stay, plenty of inn signs - always a welcome sight - and friendly hosts offering delicious regional specialities. You can travel on special tours - "In the Footsteps of the Knights and the Electors" or on the "Albrecht-Achilles Tour" or the "Kaisers-Bishops-Dukes Route", to mention just a few options.

Medieval sun temple

Many castles and palaces along the route host costumed festivals, which give visitors a very palpable sense of history. There are guided ghost tours, medieval banquets and historical feasts within ancient castle walls. And, because it is positively buzzing with bars and restaurants, the Castle Road is perfect for gourmet tours. Why not travel the Castle Road in both directions, first concentrating on its scenic beauty, then discovering its wellness and spa facilities? After all, the Castle Road has many different faces. Be generous, allow yourself plenty of time to explore the sights and to enjoy the feel of the "good old days", whether travelling by car, coach or - more leisurely - by bike. The Castle Road is also great for children. To help you plan your Castle Road journey, the Castle Road Association offers all kinds of ideas and information.

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Map of Germany

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Basic information

  • Length
  • Themes
    Castles and palaces

Highlights in brief

  • Mannheim
    Electors' palace
  • Heidelberg
    Old town, castle
  • Neckarsteinach
    "Four castle" town
  • Neckarzimmern
    Knight Götz von Berlichingen's castle
  • Rothenburg o.d.T.
    Historical buildings, Crime and Punishment Museum, Christmas Museum
  • Nuremberg
    Old town, Kaiserburg Castle
  • Bamberg
    UNESCO, Altenburg Castle
  • Kulmbach
    Plassenburg Castle
  • Bayreuth
    Festival town, Wagner