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Route of Industrial Heritage
A route that's different from all the rest

Passionate ice hockey fans show their support

It's full of life and full of contrasts. In a place where there are so many people, there's always something going on. The towns and cities in the region offer a number of exciting attractions from Europe's largest shopping area, extraordinary exhibition venues, museums and theme parks to the glittering world of musicals, theatre and concerts. Naturally, there's also a wide range of sporting activities including football, extreme sports and even winter sports - indoor ones, of course! And in the bars and restaurants you'll get to know everyone and make a few new friends. If you wish to find out more about themes such as the chemical and energy industry, gardens and parks, natural industrial attractions or landmark art, you can go on an "industrial safari". The safari consists of 25 themed routes that you can explore on foot, by car or by bike. You can hire a standard, bright orange RevierRad bike from one of the RevierRad service stations. Alternatively, you can cast off on a boat trip through the region. There are around 200km of exciting waterways in all directions waiting to be explored - either by motorboat or on a more leisurely-paced cruise boat.

Obsolete monolith lit up in Duisburg Industrial Landscape Park

There's a big event on nearly every day in this industrial heartland. And when it gets dark, the region takes on a special charm all of its own. Places that once lit up the night with their production activities are now bathed in the glow of artistic light shows. The night sky was once set alight by local factories and steel works. Now the industrial backdrop is wonderfully illuminated by spotlights and light shows. The result is a captivating panoramic night time scene. The route runs through the biggest adventure park in Germany. There are no signposts along the route - you have to find your own way around this exciting adventure. But don't worry, you'll meet a lot of nice, friendly people along the way who will be happy to tell you their stories and give you a few tips on the best things to see.

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Map of Germany

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Basic information

  • Length
  • Themes
    Industry, culture

Highlights in brief

  • Essen
    Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Villa Hügel residence, Ruhrland Museum
  • Bochum
    Railway museum, Jahrhunderthalle (century hall), German mining museum
  • Waltrop
    Henrichenburg ship lift
  • Dortmund
    Zollern II/IV coal mine, Hansa Coking Plant, Westphalia Stadium (football)
  • Hagen
    Westphalia open-air museum at Hohenhof
  • Witten
    Nightingale Colliery, Muttental valley
  • Hattingen
    Foundry at Hattingen
  • Duisburg
    Inner harbour, Museum of German Inland Navigation, Industrial Landscape Park
  • Oberhausen
    Rheinland Industrial Museum, gasometer
  • Gelsenkirchen
    Nordsternpark, Arena auf Schalke (football stadium)